10 Fantastic Alien Beastly Multi-tools and Where to Find Them …….

Due to his insane amount of talent at finding multi-tools of all shapes and sizes, but especially the S variety. Lavalamp or God of Destruction as he is otherwise known, has been busy sniffing out the very best in Alien multi-tools and become our local friendly weapons dealer in the UAS. Thank you Lavalamp

Please click the image to view the corresponding multi-tool

12 thoughts on “10 Fantastic Alien Beastly Multi-tools and Where to Find Them …….”

    1. Xaine

      Euclid bud, I often don’t say if it’s Euclid as its the default, but have started saying it now just to prevent confusion

  1. I did not realize there was video on these showing where they’re located. Really appreciate it. Going to try and find the red/blue khaki again!

  2. Some additional notes on Tool 5.

    Both myself and a friend tried to get this tool. I got it yesterday and my friend got it today, but it wasn’t there for either of us when we arrived.

    The communication devices at the outpost suggest that reloading at the space station, will make the S class tool appear, but this wasn’t the case for either of us. I reloaded on the station more than 5 times but I always saw B class version of this tool.

    So, I bought the B class version, reloaded on the space station, and the S class version spawned.

    Now when my friend went the day later, a non-alien, rifle multitool had spawned. Again, reloading on the station didn’t help. He had to buy the tool, and reload on the station, after which, the B class alien tool spawned. Reloading on station didn’t make this tool go away.
    He bought the B class tool, and reloaded multiple times from the space station, but no tool has yet regenerated…. The multitool container is currently empty.

    Odd that for me, buying the B class and reloading gave me the S class, but for him it gives nothing.

  3. If we can get this tool container to regenerate with the S class version, then we can prove that it’s on a 3 tool rotation, that refreshes after each one is purchased.
    Non alien rifle,
    Alien B class
    Alien S class

  4. Weird, I wrote a rather lengthy comment about getting tool 5, and then I posted a second comment, which caused the first comment to disappear….

  5. I really struggled with this one.
    On arrival I made a manual save
    The MT was a B class so I visited the station and revisited the tool.
    Still a B class.
    After 7 tries so I dropped a base station and portal to make revisits quicker.
    Still a B class.
    I looked in the stations MT box and there was an A class, which previously had displayed a A class pistol of some kind.
    Being bored with it by now I bought the A class and spent 50k nanites upgrading it to S class.
    Job done,

  6. Emaly Munguia

    Just went to cords mentioned in video, I found the first communication station, led to the wrong place. Went to the second communication station and found a b class reg pistal. Going to try buying it and resetting. Wish me luck

    1. Emaly Munguia

      Restarted, bought the b class pistol but upon restart, nothing. No other, just a empty place :(

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