No Man's Sky Beyond News | New Features Confirmed | Sean Murray Interview

No Man’s Sky Beyond News continues to fly in with an Interview with Sean Murray from IGN and a PC Gamer Article covering the 3rd Component. Massive Spoilers Ahead with HUGE Confirmed Features, like Cooking, Mounts, Automated Bases, Generators, Expanded Base Building and so much more! 

2 thoughts on “HUGE New Features Confirmed, Sean Murray Interview & Datamining”

  1. Hey love your content am just returning to no mans sky and have a question i cant find on anyones guides or google reddit aor anywhere.
    QUICK TRANSFER TO INGREDIENT STORAGE?? i can send stuff to ingredient storage which has 4x the space as regular storage but i cant find where its actualy stored or retrieve any thing once i send it there. and only certain items can be sent to it.. any help would be appreciated.

    PS the only thing i had buit at this base was
    1 large metal prefab
    2 base computer
    4 1 storage ..”that i deleted and option was still present”
    5 1 generator and 1 battery
    6 a constuction building reserch terminal
    7 a MED refinery and 1 portable
    8. Save point

    Thanks for all your content and wonderfull guides that you publish and give credit where its due
    and last if you put any of this in a video /guide or content you have my full permmision to use/share any and all of this with the EXCEPTION of my personal name and email

    sincerely Anommally ID10T

    1. Heya bud, the ingredient storage is like referring to the Cargo in your exosuit, you access it by clicking the Cargo tab on your Exosuit inventory screen.

      Also, big apologies for the incredibly late reply.

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