Alien Multi-tool #2 – Khaki Green with Blue Tip and Red Handle

This Alien Multi-tool is one of my favourites with horns in all the right places. This khaki green multi-tool fades to light blue at the tip and has a red handle, green spots with a blue crystal.

Every multi-tool in this video has a damage of 34% which is as high as it can get.

The Mining is 17% and the Scanner has 50%

To obtain this multi-tool go to the following address: 0531:0079:01C9:00F6

Copy the above address into the Pathfinder app to get the portal symbols – here

2 thoughts on “Alien Multi-tool #2 – Khaki Green with Blue Tip and Red Handle”

  1. This one doesnt seem to be there anymore. I dont see any directions to this once youre through the portal but found lavalamp64’s base by a minor settlement. No alien multitool though unfortunately.

  2. Confirmed this is still there 8/14/2022. Go through the portal, then go to the planet “Preen”, land, reload then go to the planet “New Rupusch”. There is a base there marking the multi-tool. It costs 7,500,000 Units.

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