Start Strong | Useful Tips and Tricks | NMS Beyond

Beginners or Veterans - Useful Tips and Tricks for Beyond

These tips and tricks will enable you to have a great start in No Man’s Sky Beyond.

Whether you are a veteran player or a beginner, through my researchadoodles and general shenanigans within No Man’s Sky there should be something here for you!

5 thoughts on “Start Strong | Useful Tips and Tricks | NMS Beyond”

  1. I have a question.
    What is the fastest way to get Salvaged Frigate Modules?
    It says they come from salvaged frigate sites and frigate expeditions.
    I only seem to be getting 1 here and there in the expeditions and none at all in crashed frigate searches.
    Am I doing something wrong at the crashed frigate sites? I never get modules there.

    1. Xaine

      I find the quickest way is to just attack the freighters and cargo pods you see randomly in space, when you hover your cursor over the destructable pod, it’ll say what’s in it, just scan a fleet for some frigate modules, then go after them all, ignore the fuxx and fly off when done, make sure to take some stuff to keep your shield up just incase, you can get anywhere from 2-6 per fleet doing this and the reputation loss is easily regained

    1. Xaine

      apologies for the incredibly late reply.

      You probably know by now but you have to land on them at which point you can choose to have the damaged sections highlighted to fix.

      As this reply is so awfully late, here’s some extra tips.

      Fixing will almost always require asteroid drops to fix, so Silver, Gold and Platinum, also often Oxygen, so make sure you have a small supply when heading in.
      If a pirate bounty is in the system, you will not be able to land on the frigate, so make sure to take it out before trying.
      If you get stuck on a pathway with a seemingly invisible barrier, just jetpack a tiny bit while moving into it and you can usually pass it. but do be careful not to drop off.
      It is often easier, though a little risky, to jetpack over the top of the frigate to get to the other side, but don’t go too far up and always be aware of your footing, you don’t want to fall through graphics, or peak into space to then get tossed away by gravity moving in a different direction.

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