The Right Ship for the Job

The Right Ship for the Job

Something that will be extremely helpful to have is a 48 slot ship that you keep nice and empty specifically for Harvesting runs.

These ships are either expensive to buy at around 126 Million for a 48 slot Hauler, or if you are upgrading, can go as high as 3.5 billion.

So for those that do not have the required starting capital to add that to their fleet, here are a few 48 Slot crashed ships listed with their Galaxy, Portal Address and then lat and long location information.

Just head up to one, claim it as your own and fix it up

Be sure to turn off multiplayer in your settings before entering the system as being in the same instance as other players will only give one person the chance to get the Crashed Ship.

Fixing a crashed ship up can be done extremely cheaply by refining the majority of what you need and buying the cheap stuff.

I’d recommend checking out the Refiner Recipes table on the website which shows all refining recipes as well as a search function to narrow down to what you’re looking for.

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