Future Customization Skins/Armour

Today in No Man’s Sky Beyond we go over some information gathered from the files that shines a light on the future Quicksilver customization skins/armor coming soon to No Man’s Sky.

1 thought on “New Information on Future Customization Skins/Armour in No Man’s Sky Beyond”

  1. I really like this idea, and would love to see it come to more skins in the future. I think perhaps someday we *could* see some sort of Epic skin creator like this, but that may be more of a Metaverse thing once that happens rather than something that could potentially take away skin sales from Epic. I could see people customizing their defaults like this someday, and yet again, Epic wants to sell skins and for you to upgrade, so this is sort of counter to those purposes. Hence why you can only do this one a single skin (for now, anyway).

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