Industrial Mining

mineral extractor

Industrial Mining

Now we have all of the Hotspots marked, and the base extended to them, the next step is to build some Extractors.

For the Gases, a farm that creates 64 Stasis Devices per harvest will need 32,000 of each of the 3 gases Nitrogen, Radon and Sulphurine.

Depending on the class of the Hotspot depends on how many extractors you will need.

For C Class this is 8, B class needs 6 and both A and S Class need 4.

These numbers are based on the maximum output of the hotspot and so with the Extractors placed in the exact centre built on top of each other, so once everything is up and powered, you will need to check this, the hourly output of all extractor for the 3 gases needs to be 2000 or above to produce the required 32,000 every 16 hours.

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