#8 White Horned S Class Multi-tool with Black detailing

No Man's Sky Experimental Multitool, S Class, White, Black Circle Pipe, Horns

This pretty fantastic, an S class of course. It is white with black decals – circles and very rare – Horns! Does it make you horny baby – yeah!

The model was discovered by Alleykat and S class cabinet discovered by Lavalamp64.

The address is : 064B:007E:0347:0079

To get the portal symbols simply paste this code into the Pathfinder app here

2 thoughts on “#8 White Horned S Class Multi-tool with Black detailing”

  1. Dateline 3/17/2020. Comms visible! An A-Class in this form is the best offered. Maybe somebody with more time to re-roll the location will find an S.

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