5 Beginner's Tips to Get You Started In Shadow of War

With such a big game with many moving parts, Middle-Earth: Shadow of War can take a little while to fully explore, so here are a few tips to get you started and help you avoid potential time sinks and disasters.

  • 5. Manually Saving Your Game

Firstly there's the saving, for some reason there is no way to manually save and the auto-save system doesn't actually tell you when it's saving, so it's quite possible to do 90% of a mission, decide you'll finish it later, log off and it hasn't saved since the beginning of that mission.

This is simply infuriating and has been the bane of many a gamer already, but there is hope, there are a few times we know for sure that it saves and the most prominent is when fast-travelling.

So when you're getting a little tired and want to take a break, just fast travel anywhere on the map leave it a few seconds and you can be sure the game has saved allowing you to logoff with peace of mind.

  • 4. When Loot Drops, But You Die

Another little nugget of information is loot drops, specifically weapon and armour drops from captains.

It's easy to get overwhelmed, especially on Nemesis difficulty, just yesterday during the stream I ended up being stuck in a battle with 2 captains at once which kept growing until there was 6 of them, once the 6th joined in, I was unable to stay alive and died after only killing 3.

Well, when that happens, and the captains you've killed have dropped loot, you may think all is lost, but don't fear, remember where your place on the map is and come right back, your loot will still be there, it does not despawn, not right away at least anyway.

  • 3. Experience Gain

Then there's how the experience gain works, don't waste your time grinding grunts.

Only Captains, missions and so forth actually award experience, you could kill an endless amount of grunts without a single experience point, so don't get hung up on them, stealth is good.

Az-Tarmo Painseeker, Easy on his own with his 'Soft Headed' weakness, but add a few more captains and it's a real bitch.

  • 2. Boosts


These little gems gained from loot chests can be an excellent buff to your gameplay, but be aware, that they do continue to countdown their timer offline, be sure you are actually going to fully utilize the boosts full duration before you use it.

  • 1. Skill Points

Skills in Shadow of War are actually pretty fantastic and they don't really take all that long to gain, but at the beginning, you don't have all that many and some will make your captain fights a complete non-issue.

The best way to work with your skills at the beginning is always keeping 1 skill point available. This allows you to pick a specific skill that will make your next particularly difficult captain an absolute breeze.

For me on launch day, I had this particularly difficult captain, he was hosting a grog filled feast and has a weakness to poison, so I spent my saved skill point on 'Poison Tendril' allowing me to poison his grog barrel from afar and kill him without him even realising I was there.

The added bonus of killing all of his drinking buddies gave me the opportunity of a completely violence-free looting.

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But above all, have an awesome day folks!