Shabuya! Here it is guys the Xaine's World merchandise in all its glory!

Premium Pullover Hoodie

For the ultimate fandabitastic, super soft hoodie this Xaine’s World classic is a must. 

A simple, yet elegant classic design paying homage to the primary focus of the Xaine’s World YouTube channel …… YOU!

Available through teespring in a range of sizes and for a modest £42 of our British pounds this beauty can be all yours.

Classic Triblend Tee

This awesome bundle of goodness comes in three varieties:

Classic Crew – super soft but snug fit so prob go up a size unless you like it close and personal – £25 smackeronies 

Classic V – for those of you (me included) with a ‘thicker’ neck the V is the way to go but again the snuggness is ………… well snugg …………    bargain at £20

Ladies Classic – this is a must if you want to support the channel in the best possible way – can’t personally comment on the level of snugness but I’m sure its just as soft and lovely. £25 dolla dolla bills yeah

Bepis Parody Tee

At Xaine’s World we drink Bepis – fullimum flavour, zero carbs. The drink of winners!

This parody t-shirt is available in standard crew neck and ladies fit as a triblend tee and comes in a few flavours ……… sorry colours …….

Wearing this you will always be safe in the knowledge that somewhere a fellow X man will be sipping on an ice cold Bepis of their very own.

Available at the fantastical price of £25

The Holly Grail of Xaine's World

As I can be a clumsy fool and certainly don’t want to be using any namby pamby fancy glassware whilst streaming live to you lovely folks I opt for a sturdy mug.

Where do you find such an item I hear you say, well fear not the muggath of Xaine’s World is here and can be filled to the brim with delightful cold Bepis or maybe a hot beverage ….. mmmmmm ….. hot beverage

£11.99 to you my good Xainish Warrior!

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