Get Your Portal Glyphs Super Fast!



How to obtain your portal glyphs quick and easy

Find and interact with 14 travelers in these 10 space stations to get your remaining portal glyphs.

This fantastic list of Traveller locations was put together by Creative Guy, a supporter of Xaine’s World and long standing interloper.

#1 - Traveller 1 (2 Glyphs Required)

#2 - Travellers 2 & 3 (2 Glyphs Required)

#3 - Travellers 4 & 5 (2 Glyphs Required)

#4 - Travellers 6 & 7 (2 Glyphs Required)

#5 - Traveller 8 (2 Glyphs Required)

#6 - Traveller 9 (3 Glyphs Required)

#7 - Traveller 10 (4 Glyphs Required)

#8 - Traveller 11 (3 Glyphs Required)

#9 - Traveller 12 & 13 (4 Glyphs Required)

#10 - Traveller 14 (4 Glyphs Required)

Creative Guy put together a handy PDF with the 10 addresses, in case any fellow interlopers wish to have it handy on their phone.

21 thoughts on “Get Your Portal Glyphs Super Fast!”

  1. Just a note for those systems with two travelers in the space station, so one, then come back and do the other. If you talk to both before heading out only one marker shows. If you’re lucky there’s a “Glyph Support Base” near by. Rather than risk it, talk to one traveler, go get his glyph and then come back to the station and talk to the second one, this just insured tool get the glyphs. :)

  2. Just a word of warning, the last glyph portal is completely enclosed locking the player from getting out when you portal there.

  3. Right now the 10th glyph portal exit is covered by a huge building with a roof, and cant get starship to land inside….also can’t report base to kill it…3 bases involved…tried to report all 3 didn’t work.

    Anyone know anything about this???

  4. I got my 15th one but now none of the travlers are showing up. I just need the last glyph….. so close yet so far away. Any idea how to fix this? I’m going to try and do the Artemis quest line further and see if that works. If anyone has any info it would be greatly appreciated!!!

  5. Great guide! Can’t imagine how much effort it took. Kudos to all the interlopers leaving helpful bases and messages. There was one asshat that made an inescapable base around one of the destinations (I believe #6), reporting it from the base computer made it disappear so I could access the planet.

  6. someone built a building around portal 6 with no doors, if you’re lucky your ship will be clipped through the edge and let you out

  7. I went to the 3rd system where it says there’s 2 travellers but there seems to only be the one in the station

  8. I after talking to traveler for glyphs 7 I cannot find the icon to follow. Does this glitch out and just not show up or is it because the system is so populated that I cannot find the icon for all the visible noise?

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