No Man’s Sky NEXT

Base Building Complexity Data

Here is a list of all base building items in-game.

  • Name - What you see as the name in-game.

  • ID - This is the ID of the item that is used in the game files.

  • Complexity - This is a number given to each item to represent it’s resource load on your system. It is a useful guide to measure the items you can sustain with your equipment.

  • Inactive Complexity - This is the complexity number for each item that is not currently focused by the game engine. Likely not in the same room as you and outside of a certain radius. Note that glass windows and glass cuboid rooms (anything with transparency) would cause the game to load things on the other side that may not otherwise be loaded if the material was opaque.

  • Yield/Portable - This shows the yield of the crop/carbon planter and whether the item in question is portable (can be picked up and placed elsewhere).

  • Cost to Obtain - This is the cost of the blueprint, these item blueprints are purchased by different means, some are not purchased and are in fact given through quests but have a cost value regardless, others are purchased through the Blueprint Analyser with Salvaged Technology & some special items are purchased from the Anomaly Synthesizer vendor using Quicksilver.

  • Buildable on Base - Whether the item can be build on a planetary base.

  • Buildable on Freighter - Whether the item can be built on a freighter

    NOTE: Some items can not be built on a Base or Freighter but are still in the files due to existing bases having these item already placed (eg. Infrastructure Wall Items).