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Crafted Trade Goods Shopping List Calculator

For No Man's Sky (Updated to 1.6)

NMSSHOPPING CALC Spacemart sign small.png

Here is a super simple yet extremely useful calculator for working out everything you need to build all types of Crafted Trade Goods.

  • If you wish to change the language used simply type “1” in the box next to the corresponding language and the calculator will display the desired language.

  • To use, just type a number between 1 and 8 into the “Item#” columns next to the item you wish to craft.

  • Then type the quantity in the quantity column next to the item you wish to craft.

  • The items base resource to craft will be displayed in the corresponding list at the bottom as well as in the total list.

  • While the individual list limit is 8, putting more items on the same list number will only show the first in the individual list but will add the new item materials to the Total list.

  • The Value in cart refers to the value of the base resources required to craft while the craft value shows the value of all items selected once crafted.