Crafted Trade Goods Shopping List Calculator

For No Man's Sky (Updated to 1.38)

NMSSHOPPING CALC Spacemart sign small.png

Here is a super simple yet extremely useful calculator for working out everything you need to build all types of Crafted Trade Goods.

• Under the No. (Number) column in the Blueprint selection section put a number between 1 and 14 to define where in the list the item falls (the calculator can workout upto 14 different items, each with their own quantity).

• Under quantity, type how many of that item you wish to see the resources you need (There is a soft cap explained in the note below).

• Once you have made your selection simply look below in the Shopping list selection for a full breakdown of each item selected as the base resources required to craft as well as a total list to the left.


Note: The soft cap is 20,000 of any particular base resource, at this point, tables 2-14 will not show that item, table 1 however has been adjusted to host 2,000,000, as does the total shopping list incase you wish to flex on those Fusion Ignitors :).