The Best Single Harvest Farm Possible In No Man's Sky

Howdy folks and welcome, today we will be going over the most efficient one harvest farm there is out of the big 3.

The big 3 being Circuit Board, Living Glass and Liquid Explosive (All products above this pay grade require resources that cannot be farmed).

This farm runs on a cycle of 2 hours and is configured to only be harvested once in that period.

It is the most profitable farm model out of the big 3 for single harvests, as a lot of people like to explore for decent lengths of time and don't want to have to come back and harvest every 15 or 30 minutes.

Also, travellers who visit your farm will benefit most from this configuration due to it only requiring that single harvest, so they don't have to stick around for 2 or more to get their items and can head off to another location while it resets.

The planet I will be building this example farm on will be fully operational and available to visit for anyone on PC in Euclid playing on Normal.

Circuit Board Planet Address.jpg

It has also been filed into the Farmers Market farm database.

So let's go over this farm;

It creates 20 Circuit Boards per Cycle... kind of, I say 'kind of' as to fit within the 2000 limit, I had to drop 3 Star Bramble, but fear not, you can easily find those 3 to harvest very close by to the actual base and will be marked with comms stations for super quick finding.

It is located on a Lush planet allowing Star Bramble to be planted outside, with a single harvest configuration, Star Bramble is by far the most required plant needing 8 harvests per circuit board.

Lush planets are not only often beautiful, but also allow the outdoor planting of Star Bramble.

It features a Galactic Trade Terminal with everything else focusing on the farm itself.

The full list of buildable items is;

To build all of this you will need;

If you want Holodoors instead, you will need a further 500 Carbon, 2500 Radon & 2500 Sulphurine or 10 Organic Catalyst if you already have them crafted.

If this is your first farm, then you may not already have some of the items listed, like Living Glass, Glass, Voltaic Cells and Circuit Boards, so here are the base resources required to craft them;

This planet really is one of the best I've ever seen in No Man's Sky.

To keep things simple we'll start by placing the 10 Bio-Domes, the first will be placed on top of the default building with the other 9 freestanding anywhere within the bases circular restriction.

A good tip here is to use cheap iron corridors to space your Bio-Domes neatly then delete the corridors.

Once your Bio-Domes are placed, put your Cuboid Room down, be sure to only use the basic kinda ugly looking metal one, Glass Cuboid rooms use more Complexity so cannot be used here.

Then start putting the access in, build a ladder in the default building to gain access to the dome on top then build doors to the other 9 free standing domes and the single cuboid room.

Now put up your Galactic Trade Terminal in the default building, you may wish to do this first if you are struggling with space in your inventory as the galactic trade terminal takes a considerable amount of resources to build.

Now it's just planting the crops.

In the Domes and Hydroponic Tray put the 40 Frostwort, 80 Solar Vine and 20 Echinocactus.

Then outside on the planet surface plant the 157 Star Bramble, now this may get annoying, as far as placement is concerned, you can plant them anywhere within the circular base restriction.

Using them between the doors of the domes can provide a fun way of creating a path for your harvesting route, using the default building and the cuboid room as a guide can make them look more appealing, but avoid going more than 2 deep as it can get annoying later when harvesting, also try not to plant them very very close to each other or buildings as they do not have clipping restrictions and will happily phase through walls which can be troublesome for harvesting.

This is a frankly insane amount of materials required especially the Star Bulb, 15700 star bulb will require you to harvest 628 Star Bramble to procure so I would advise checking out the Farmers Market to find player bases near portals that you can visit and gain large amounts of the required crops

The Carbon can be bought over time from your galactic trade terminal or Harvested on mass from trees.

The Thamium is best procured at Trading Platforms in Opulent and Affluent systems or by obliterating huge amounts of Asteroids if you'd rather not spend the units buying it.

This farm will create 20 Circuit Boards which are valued at 1,315,875 each based on the Galactic Average for a grand total of 26,317,500 per harvest.

While this is not at all the highest per hour farm, it is certainly the highest per harvest, and as Circuit Board are worth the most per item, this will also give you the highest concentration of value per slot when selling later on.

When selling you can achieve a sale of 215 at once making great use of a rare deal at a space station by utilizing all 43 slots in a 48 slot Hauler, I say all 43 as 5 of those slots cannot be reclaimed for storage purposes due to the technology permanently in place.

So go and build your Circuit Board farm and make millions, also don't forget to drop by and visit this farm to harvest a bunch of materials for yourself.

It is unfortunately a little over 40 minutes on foot from the portal over water, so will require a Nomad to make the Journey but it is a beautiful planet and certainly worth the trip.

I hope this article helped you in some way and if it did, maybe think about checking out my Patreon, a dollar a month is a great way to support the website and my work while also giving you early access to the videos on Xaine's World.

but above all, have an awesome day folks!