This must be written in Hexidecimal format (0-F). You can find a decoder above to help you translate it from the symbols.
Distance from Portal to Base (OnFoot) *
Distance from Portal to Base (OnFoot)
Enter the time it tells you when hovering over the portal waypoint when standing in your base. Or the base waypoint when standing at the portal when OnFoot.
Prefferably your in-game name, but any internet alias you use is acceptable.
Link to an imgur album or Galactic Hub Wiki page with screenshots of your base.
Crafted Trade Goods Produced
Tick all that apply
Crops Grown
Tick all that apply
Please write these clearly by first writing the Trade Good or Crop name as listed in the above tick box section followed by the quantity. Seperate each entry with a comma eg. Circuit Board 5, Living Glass 5, Liquid Explosive 5, Mordite 5, Fungal Mould 60
Is the Base/Farm on PC or PS4.
What Galaxy is the Base/Farm Located in.
Is there a Galactic Trade Terminal within the base?
Is there a Landing Pad located at the Base?
Is there a Race Track located at the base?
Mods included would be ones that affect the way the landscape is generated. The 2000 Complexity Limit can only be remove via the Graphics Settings files, if this confuses you, you are unlikely to be building above it.
Is there anything else interesting about this planet or system that you think other may wish to know?