Welcome to the

No Man's Sky Farmers Market


Due to the NEXT update of No Man's Sky, the Farmers Market is currently down.

All Player bases that were stored within the Farmers Market are no longer present in-game.

Future plans for the Farmers Market's rebirth have been made and we will see a return after the community has settled a little, keep an eye on the Xaine's World youtube channel for updates.


This is a database of Player Farms/Bases in all galaxies on all platforms in No Man's Sky.

This Database allows you to filter out those bases and farms that aren't in your galaxy or on your platform and sort either by distance to the portal or distance to you on the galactic map, showing you the most efficient farming routes and the players that are close to you.


Join the Farmers Market:


  • Choose You Platform By Typing 1 into the box to the right of either PC or PS4.
  • Then Pick Your Galaxy By Typing the Galaxy Number of your Galaxy in the box to the right of "Galaxy (1-256)" (If you're unsure what number yours is click here to see a list of all 256 Galaxies listed by number with their name.
  • Then choose how you want the database to be sorted by typing 1 into 1 of the boxes to the right of 'Portal to Farm Distance' (This sorts by that distance in time to get there by foot in a Hours:Minutes:Seconds format) or 'Galactic Distance' (This is the distance in Light Years from you (based on the galactic coordinate you submitted) and the listed bases and is accurate to the region (within 400 LY)).
  • You can filter the results even more by choosing the difficulty you play on by typing 1 into 1 of the 4 boxes to the right of the difficulty labels.
  • If you do not have all of the glyphs yet, you can filter out the bases you cannot go to yet by typing the amount of glyphs you have into the white box under the Portal Glyphs Available option.
  • Also if you are only after specific crops, you can filter out the bases that do not grow them by typing a 1 into 1 or all of the 12 boxes in the crops available section (bottom right).
  • If you are sorting by Galactic Distance, be sure to input your Galactic Coordinates so the distance can be accurately calculated.
  • Then you're done, peruse the results at your leisure and start visiting your galactic neighbors.

Correcting An Existing Bases Information

If a Farm/Base on the Market is displaying incorrect or incomplete information, whether it be due to a simple error when submitting, moving your base or that the Farmers Market has broadened the information it collects and displays. Please click the button below and fill out the Amendment form to fix any Incorrect or Incomplete submissions.


  • Under no circumstances should you EVER claim a base on any of these listed planets or even in their systems, this will result in those bases no longer being visible to anyone but the owner and will ruin it not only for the owner who worked hard to create it but for the many people who use this database. Please be nice and respect your fellow travelers.
  • If you are having trouble submitting your base in any way please report your issue via the button below and I will get back to you asap.