Patch 1.35 of No Man's Sky has Arrived! Here's the Info

Today we have an overview of Patch 1.35 for No Man's Sky with everything you need to know & this is a fairly full quality of life patch with a whole bunch of bug fixes too.

To start things off we'll just go through the less important yet still relevant changes and fixes:

• Added a toggle to switch from buy to sell screen on the trading menu
• Improved the appearance of popup menus
• Improved speed and smoothness of user interface page transitions
• Reduced the amount of resource required to repair tech in Survival mode
• Improved visuals for editing terrain
• Improved display of critical warning messages
• Added message to notify the player if they select a portal glyph they have not yet            learned
• Added additional information to the quick menu when the player attempts to charge        something with insufficient resources
• The quick menu will now automatically close after selecting an option
• Alien words which have been translated are now highlighted in interactions
• Improved messaging when portal glyphs are rewarded
• Added ability for player to enable torch while in caves
• Improved galactic map saturation, colours and effects

And for the Bug Fixes:

• Fixed an issue where black dots would occasionally appear while looking into the sun
• Added audio when interacting with portals
• Prevented hazard effects showing while teleporting or warping
• Prevented mission log opening when you unpin recipes
• Prevented players being able to scan creatures through the terrain
• Fixed an issue where visited buildings would not correctly update their icon
• Fixed an issue where visiting a building would not correctly mark nearby waypoints as visited
• Fixed an issue where scanning buildings would not also scan nearby waypoints
• Denying the Atlas Path will no longer show you the Atlas Path
• Balanced the damage potential of the Scatter Blaster upgrade
• Prevented portals from being incorrectly left enabled at times they shouldn't be
• Removed grass from bases created prior to the Atlas Rises update
• Completed freighter salvage missions will no longer be incorrectly re-added to the mission        log
• Fixed an issue where galactic map paths would draw incorrectly
• Fixed an issue where system race was being displayed incorrectly when talking to mission          NPCs
• Fixed some rare crashes

Now as far as the next ones go, there are some pretty epic little changes here:

• Introduced ship handling variances between types/classes. Each individual ship now        has procedural handling and speed characteristics, based on their type and class

This is a pretty cool thing that I did not expect.
I'm hoping that this will not have the current handling as being the highest level, handling can be frustrating on occasion so the thought of potentially getting a sharper ship with S class is a very good one.
It also feeds neatly into this other note.

• Handling is now displayed as a value on the ship statistics screen
• Added variance in handling between ship types

Really glad they are giving us a value for the handling, I dislike games that have hidden statistics, Looking at you Stability in Mass Effect: Andromeda.

• It's now possible to craft multiples of the same product at once
• Added the ability to craft more of the same product on top of an existing stack

This is an awesome change, not sure why it's taken till now but crafting multiple items then stacking manually has been a major frustration, so glad this is now sorted.

• Improved transferring items between inventories

Another frustration sorted, fantastic!
With the additions of the new inventories, the transfer system has been a little ridiculous.

• Improved user interface navigation using Q, E, W, S and A and D keys

Interested to fully explore this one.

• Added an option in the galactic map to toggle user waypoints

A lot of folks have been pissed about the Galactic Maps Way Point system, hopefully, this has sorted everything.

And for the Bug Fixes:

• Fixed an issue preventing players with very long play times being able to save

Really hoping this will have finally sorted the rest of the save file issues, so many people were affected by this unable to save progress at all.

• Fixed an issue causing extremely distant points of interest to show when scanning

Super happy this is fixed, it was infuriating to see a question mark an hour away as you fly past a transmission tower.

• Removed large white marker which would occasionally show up permanently over            buildings

Another big annoyance to many having just random blank waypoint stuck there for no reason.

• It's no longer possible to lose the Atlas Path by using a black hole

Fantastic! hoping this fixes the issue for those already affected also.

• Players will no longer be directed to the anomaly in systems where it can't spawn (e.g.    when an Atlas Station is present)

This is another one that just halted progression, some good fixes so far.

• Fixed issue where your base teleporter can be duplicated and incorrectly labelled in        teleporter location lists

So Happy about this, mine would send me to a kind of alternate dimension, same home base same planet, but no building changes and no ship.

• Fixed an issue where players could manipulate mission boards to get multiple of the        same mission type

I'm both happy and sad about this, sad because it was super easy to get a crap tonne of the same mission, do the objective a single time, then cash in, but it is also an exploit and kind of cheapens the whole thing so out of the 2 options I'd rather it not be doable.

• Fixed an issue that caused general ship handling to overly affect ship boost handling

Yus yus! this is the kinda thing I want from improved handling!

So quite a huge list of changes and fixes there for something they made in a single week.
The game is really coming together and I'm impressed with their dedication to fixing things and improving the experience.

Now I just need them to fix the terrain resetting constantly in weird ways after using the terrain manipulator, I'm not building my bat cave for the third time until I know it's bloody sorted!

Thanks for reading folks, have an awesome day!