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How/Where to Get Your Portal Glyphs in No Man’s Sky

As there are multiple ways to get your Portal Glyphs in No Man's Sky, I decided to make a specific guide on How to Get your Portal Glyphs, for No Man's Sky beginners and veteran alike, who just wanted a simple answer without learning everything about everything.

Glyphs are required in order to use Portals in No Man's Sky, so here's how to obtain your glyphs nice and easily.

There are a total of 16 different Glyphs, and they are used in the portal system to dial with.

Think of your phone which has 10 digits, 0-9, well this is that, except it has 16 digits as it is a representation of hexadecimal, which is 0-9 and then a-f.

Because of this, the Glyphs you will gain each represent a hexadecimal digit, and they go in order.

When you collect your Glyphs, they will be collected in order from 0 to F.

You can dial an address with just the first glyph, it is a very well travelled planet.

With just the first 2 glyphs you can go to a large amount of planets, I used to have a database on here that showed a location for all items you may wish to harvest from the wild on planets that only require the first 2 Glyphs to dial, I will likely bring that back for Beyond.

As for where to obtain your Glyphs.

There are 2 methods, and which one you do will depend on how you want to play.

The most straight forward but likely more time consuming method is to complete a large portion of the Artemis Questline, at one point in the questline, quite far in to it, you will do a mission called 'The Purge'.

I'm avoiding spoilers, so I'll only tell you exactly what you need to know.

Just that during this, you will warp a few times, and each warp will give you a Glyph.

This questline, is long, but very cool, lots of lore and it is built to be a sort of extension of Awakenings which is the original tutorial questline, after you finish Awakenings, you will receive a signal, this is the start of the Artemis questline.

You will learn through it multiple factors of the game that aren't properly covered in Awakenings and for a new player without a decently established save, some of the missions will require some solid time investment, so this method for obtaining glyphs is more for the chilled out folk who want the story and aren't in any big rush.

The second method is to hunt for them.

You will need to warp to different systems, check the space station for a Traveller npc, and if you find one, give them 100 nanites to gain a way point to a grave site.

These grave sites when interacted with will bestow upon you the next Glyph.

A Grave will only give you one at a time and while it is possible for them to refresh, it is a convoluted and largely inconsistent affair.

A Traveller will point you to the same grave no matter how many times you pay, often a different traveller found in the same system will point you to the same grave found before.

To avoid wasting time and nanites, I would advise you simply warp, check station, do your thing then move along.

You can find travellers on trading posts among other points of interests, but it is quicker in the long run to just stick to the station.

Warp Cells are super easy and cheap to make, just a bit of condensed Carbon and Chromatic metal then Dust for the casing.

Upgrading your starships warp capabilities with S-Class Hyperdrive modules purchased in Space Stations will not only allow you to warp further but more times by increasing the uses of a warp cell by 100% per S-Class Module.

To learn more about Starships and their tech and just about everything really, check out the huge Starship Mega-Guide linked in the description, use the timestamps in it's own description to navigate the video, as it is massive.

Also for gaining Nanites, check out the new video on that for the most efficient methods to suit your playstyle, also linked below.

Obtaining the Portal Glyphs will open the Galaxy up to you, use your new found freedom well and explore far away places.


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