No Man's Sky Crashed Max Slot S-Class Fighter with a Barrel-Nose

Crashed ships are fantastic in No Man’s Sky, primarily as they are practically free, but even better when they are S-Class, so here is a video or if you’d prefer below it, text on how to go and get that bad boy for yourself.

(Video contains extra information regarding efficiently fixing it up and exactly what you would want to fix depending whether you are keeping it or trading it for something else)

This ship can be found by following this portal address

Then flying to the comm balls which should be present on all platforms, these are where the ship is located, but for those playing offline, or if it just glitches, head to these coordinates on the planet -36.09/-7.52.

Bingo Bango, you have yourself a mighty fine ship!

Here is an import code to add this address and the lat/long details to the Galactic Calculator app found on this very website: #1$11CC857FC7E5:Crashed S Fighter DK:Crashed Heavy Fighter discovered by DottKomm. neg36.09, neg7.52.$#