No Man's Sky Starship Mega-Guide - Weapon & Technology Blueprints

Weapon & Technology Bluprints

Starships have a number of weapons and other tech modules, these can all be split into 2 basic groups.

Ones that you buy a Blueprint for and build, and ones that are purchased as one-off upgrade modules to existing tech.

We'll start with the Blueprint tech, as you need a base to build the upgrades on.

Blueprints are purchased from Space Station, at least technology module Blueprints are.

Every blueprint can be purchased from every active station, and they are available in a specific order, the order does not change per station, which means that you will have to buy some blueprints to make others available as only a 3rd are available at any one time.

Here is the order and Nanite costs for each blueprint;

Teleport Receiver150
Economy Scanner150
Phase beam150
Cyclotron Ballista150
Conflict Scanner150
Cadmium Drive80
Ablative Armour85
Efficient Thrusters120
Large Rocket Tubes50
Nonlinear Optics (Photon Cannon Version)75
Emeril Drive120
Positron Ejector150
Infra-Knife Accelerator150
Indium Drive200
Dyson Pump120
Fourier De-Limiter120
Fragment Supercharger120
Nonlinear Optics (Infra-Knife Accelerator Version)120

These are all of the Starship tech blueprints available, and they all come at a total Nanite cost of 2260, which really isn't all that bad.

You can avoid some of these costs by doing the Player Base Armourer missions as he rewards various blueprints through the missions.

Another method which I have yet to test thoroughly, is the Anomalies, on my first trip to an Anomaly on my legacy save in NEXT, I spoke to Polo who gave me an option to buy tech for 120 thousand or so units, so I took him up on the offer and received the Teleport Receiver Blueprint, it was the only ship one I didn't have as the Efficient Thrusters blueprint at the time was not available, the next time I went in he offered again for 160 or so thousand units, and gave me an upgrade module.

I have a feeling, but haven't had the time to test that you can essentially get the Blueprints from Polo one at a time per anomaly for units, though it is an increasing amount and mine has appeared to have capped at 2 million units a time, and I'm generally getting weak upgrade modules.

NOTE: Polo’s module shenannigans appear to have changed with Visions, where it now caps at 100,000 Units and gives S and other high class modules at a greater rate.

As for what the modules do, let's go through them in a more coherent order, starting with weapons.

The first Weapon isn't a Blueprint option as every ship comes with it, but it is certainly worth noting, it is the Photon Cannon, it has infinite ammunition and is essentially a light-powered machine gun, it is the most basic of ship weapons but can be very powerful when upgraded.

If you want a basic idea of how each weapon works as far as it's uses and general mechanics, I would advise watching my pre-next guide on Ship Weapons, the numbers stated in the guide have changed with next, but their mechanics are the same, it's a good basis for now, yet that being said, a new guide focusing on ship weapons and testing them will be coming in the future.

Next we have the Cyclotron Ballista, it's one of my general favourites as it shoots incredibly powerful balls of charged particles, it feels like a plasma launcher to me, but these balls do massive damage and have a good range, and with the Cyclotron Ballista being fully upgraded it shoots a lot of them, very quickly for an extended period of time.

The Infra-Knife Accelerator is kind of a mini-gun version of the Photon Cannon, it's projectiles are weaker, but there are more of them and it's faster.

The Phase Beam is a fantastic all-round weapon, it shoots 2 lasers to a focal point that shred for great damage, unlike the other weapons with the exception of the rocket launcher, there is no way to increase its rate of fire, it is a static 2 ticks per second from each laser.

The Phase Beam is fantastic for movement heavy fights as it is instant, with no travel time, there is no need to lead the enemy with your cursor.

Then the beastly Positron Ejector, this weapon is insane, and from the first impressions of most people I've spoken to and myself, it appears to be the best currently, though requires some good timing to use effectively, by this I mean that it's range is tiny, the enemy will be shooting at you a little while before you can fire back with this weapon, it shoots a multitude of projectiles with each shot, it's essentially a space shotgun that shoots tiny super-heated fragments.

The Positron Ejectors spread is also a big factor as it is huge, but as the range is short, it is not such an issue, the projectiles each do so much damage you only need a few to hit.

Lastly out of the weapons is the Rocket Launcher, The Rocket Launcher I previously disliked, but have grown to love.

It does absolutely huge damage with a single projectile per shot and a long cooldown, it is by far best used as a first strike and then again when your primary weapon is on cooldown due to its crazy range.

The Rocket Launcher will hit your opponents long before they can shoot at you, it also in NEXT appears to have a slight lock-on function which makes it immeasurably more useful at shooting at a range of 5000 with no lock on could be a little difficult.

Each weapon has a single upgrade module as far as the blueprint tech goes, these add a specific and very useful upgrade to a stat.

The Photon Cannon has the Nonlinear Optics upgrade, which adds +11% to Heat Dispersion.

Heat Dispersion is a stat that affects the time it takes to overheat, so by stacking Heat dispersion, you can increase the time you are shooting before you either stop for it to cool down, or overheat which will enact a delay before the usual cooldown.

The Cyclotron Ballista has the Dyson Pump upgrade which also adds +11% heat dispersion.

Note, that these bonuses only apply to the specific weapon, there are also adjacency bonuses, but we'll go into that shortly.

The Infra-Knife Accelerator also has Nonlinear Optics as its upgrade, but it is not the same one as the Photon Cannon, and the stats do not apply to the other one.

The Infra-Knife Nonlinear Optics offer a bonus of an extra projectile per shot taking the total to 3, this is a substantial power increase of an overall 50%.

The Phase Beam's upgrade is the Fourier De-Limiter, this as with the Photon Cannon and Cyclotron upgrades provides an 11% Heat Dispersion stat boost.

Then the Positron Ejector has what in my opinion is the best upgrade.

The Fragment Supercharger upgrade adds 20% to its accuracy and 25% to its range.

This is just outstanding and makes the Positron Ejector a real winner, it is a must-have upgrade for this weapon and is arguably more useful than the S Class Procedural Tech Module that you should also use with it.

The Last weapon upgrade available via a blueprint, is the Large Rocket Tubes for the Rocket Launcher.

This upgrade adds a bonus of +20% to Heat Recovery.

Now, this uses the stat Heat Recovery and Not Heat Dispersion, that is because the Rocket Launcher only has a single shot, so will overheat after every shot, so has no heat to actively disperse while firing.

This is why the cooldown is so harsh, in part at least, but this 20% buff makes a real difference.

While that's all of the weapon blueprints done, there are plenty of Procedural Tech Upgrade Modules to obtain and boost your weapons and more, massively, we'll go through those in the next section, but before then, let's continue with the Blueprint Tech.

Scanners are very useful pieces of tech, there are 2, the Economy Scanner and the Conflict Scanner.

The Economy Scanner gives you 2 very big and useful things, the first being the ability to see the economic data for any system on the Galactic Map without already having been there provided that the tech is installed in the ship you are viewing it from.

This data includes Economy Type, Economy Strength and the Buy & Sell percentages that are used in the dealing of Trade Goods.

The Economy Scanners second function is to be able to scan from your ship for a Trading Post.

This is incredibly useful and you will use it all the time.

Simply bring up your quick menu while in your ship and go to the config cog, it's the same place where the first and third person view toggle is located.

Select the Economy Scanner and it will give you a waypoint to a Trading Post within the system.

Pre-NEXT, this was never the nearest, and it still isn't now, as far as I can tell the rules haven't really changed, so to be sure to get a Trading Post on a specific planet, you need to enter the atmosphere and be somewhat close to the ground, then use the scanner, otherwise it may give you a trading post on a different planet, sometimes one that is the furthest away for no apparent reason.

The Conflict Scanner is also very useful, but mostly for either people who enjoy taking on pirates or those who wish to avoid them as much as possible, such as starting Permadeath players.

This scanner simply allows you to see the Conflict level of a system in the Galactic Map before you have been there.

After the Scanners there are the Hyperdrive upgrades, of which there are 3, Cadmium Drive, Emeril Drive and the Indium Drive, these different hyperdrive upgrades allow you to access the different colour Star Systems.

As you may have noticed, each system on the galactic map without any filters on has a different colour, these colours are Yellow, Red, Green and Blue/White.

This is the stellar class, it affects which of the stellar class metals you will find on the planets there and also the likelihood of finding specific Biomes.

I have a guide from Pre-NEXT on how the steller class affects the biome type, I can't guarantee that it is definitely accurate now, but I have seen nothing that would say it is not yet, and in this update, they haven't changed what they didn't need to.

The Cadmium Drive allows you to warp to Red Systems.

The Emeril Drive allows you to warp to Green systems.

and the Indium Drive allows you to warp to Blue/White systems.

The tooltips for these Hyperdrive upgrades can be a little confusing, but whether it says it or not, you only need one of them active at a time.

By this I mean that the Indium Drive will allow you full access to all systems, the Emeril Drive will allow you access to all but Blue/White, so you don't need the lower upgrades, just the best one you have the blueprint for.

As of the Abyss update, these Hyperdrive upgrades now grant an adjacency bonus.

Then there is the Shield upgrade called Ablative Armour, this adds a nice and simple 10% to your ships Shields.

After that, there is the Teleport Receiver.

This extends the range from your ship that you are able to send and receive items and while the flavour text states long distances, they have a very strange thought toward long.

It is in fact about 150u, which isn't all that much for an explorer, but what it is very very good for, is for those wishing to build a base.

Now, of course, you can go out further provided it is connected to something within the restriction, but generally, this Teleport Receiver is going to be absolutely fantastic for base builders.

You will often have your ship filled with buildings materials you either just collected, stored, or ferried from your freighter, and having this installed and sat near the middle of your base will allow you access to build using the materials inside it.

Having to run back to your ship every minute got very annoying during Atlas Rises, this is a very pure quality of life Module.

And the last of the Ship Blueprint Tech Modules is the Efficient Thrusters.

This Tech Module simply makes it cheaper to take off from on a planet. Specifically by 20%.

As to how this 20% is applied, it is applied to the base Launch Cost, so my S Class Fighter has a launch cost of 25%, with this upgrade, it has a launch cost of 20%.

This is useful, but not necessary, it is most useful installed on either a Hauler or Fighter that you regularly explore with, this is because they both have a base launch cost of 25%, so you are getting 5 launches per Starship Fuel.

Now, this is, of course, a percentage, so you will still gain that extra 20% per Starship fuel, but when it's an Explorer that can take off 8 times per Starship Fuel anyway, the extra 2 times don't seem worth it.

Personally, I likely won't be using this upgrade on anything, the space is too valuable to me and I would keep a full stack of Uranium on me at all times whether I had this or not.

Just a little bit of info in case any who are reading are not aware. Those Terminals at points of interest on a planet that you can use to call your ship over with a navigation data, if you land at them, it will not cost you to launch from them, same with landing pads and so Trading Posts, and of course, Freighters and Space Stations.

Also, if you are far from your ship and it has empty launch thruster so you cannot call it to you, if you have a navigation data and use it at one of those point of interest terminals or a landing pad, it will call it over to you without the need for the launch fuel.

Now we've gone over the Blueprint Tech, let's take a look at Procedural Tech