No Man's Sky Starship Mega-Guide - Spawning


Every system has a total of 21 different Starship models.

These models are static to that system, even through the NEXT update which was the opposite to what I expected to happen.

So, yes, this means that those ships from before next in all the videos are actually still there, and now easier to gain than ever as you can go through a portal, provided you have the glyphs of course and buy it without warping the whole way there or setting up a base terminal for a teleport.

These 21 ships in each system are broken down as such:

  • 1 x exotic

  • 7 x Shuttles

  • 3 x Haulers

  • 3 x Explorers

  • 3 x Fighters

and then an extra 4 of either Hauler, Fighter or Explorer to match the respective race.

These being Haulers for Gek, Fighters for Vy'keen and Explorers for Korvax.

The first thing many of you may have picked up on there is the Exotic, yes, every single system has a unique exotic to that system, they are just often very rare to spawn, so you just have to wait.

To clarify what I mean about each system having 21 ships, by this I mean specific ship models, it is just the model, and of course, the model is specific to size and type, so that sets the basic ranges for slots and bonuses.

The slots, bonuses and class are decided on spawn.

The chance of a ship being an S Class is affected by the systems economy strength.

Low strength economies have a zero percent chance of spawning an S Class.

Note, that this does not include the Exotic which can only spawn as an S Class, Exotic S Class ships can spawn in low economy systems, it is just suspected that they are rarer, but this is not definite.

Medium strength economies have a 1% chance of spawning an S Class.

And High strength economies have a 2% chance of spawning an S Class.

To be clear, the chance of S Class is per ship on spawn, and not per spawning of multiple ships.

Declining Adequate Advanced
Destitute Balanced Affluent
Failing Comfortable Booming
Fledgling Developing Flourishing
Low Supply Medium Supply High Supply
Struggling Promising Opulent
Unsuccesful Satisfactory Prosperous
Unpromising Sustainable Wealthy

What this all means is that, if you are waiting for a specific ship model in a high economy system, you have a 1 in 50 chance of it being S Class, which can be frustrating considering each ship has a chance to spawn in the first place and sometimes the one you want can be a rare spawn.

As for ship sizes within the 21 ship models.

It was previously believed that each system has a large version of each of the main 3 types, Hauler, Fighter and Explorer, with 3 large versions of the type that relates to the systems race.

But this was disproved due to multiple accounts of more than 1 large of a ship type outside of its race.

So when it comes to that, we simply know that there is at least 1 large version of the types per system, with 3 or potentially more, yet unknown of the ship type that matches the systems race.

To summarize all of this, if you are hunting for an S Class ship, you should start by looking for the model of the ship you want, looking in High Economy systems preferably, but medium will do if you don't mind waiting longer.

Also be sure to verify that the ship you are looking for is the size that you want, a medium or small Hauler will never under any circumstances spawn with 48 slots.

Once you have found the ship model that you want, wait in either the Space Station or at a trading post, the trading post has a faster turnover of ships, and scan every ship of that model that comes in, eventually the S Class will arrive and you can rejoice, or at least potentially rejoice until you see the layout, which, in anything but a max slot hauler, will have its slot randomly placed within the slot grid.

Luckily, with the NEXT update came far simplified weapon and general tech layouts, so the layout of a max fighter is no longer the bane of all ship hunters, though it can still be an eyesore.

Now you have your ship, let's go over Weapons and other Tech.