No Man's Sky Starship Mega-Guide - Pricing


The pricing for ships is very simple, the number of slots it has, determines the base value within that type, this is specific to the Main Inventory slots and is not at all affected by the Technology slots, you can consider them free.

Each ship type has a different base value for the number of slots.

Once the base value is figured out, you then apply a multiplier which changes based on the class, the class multiplier is also different for each type.

C class ships of all types have a 0% class multiplier, whereas the S class multipliers are significant.

Shuttles and Explorers at S Class have a 50% multiplier on the price.

For Haulers, the S Class multiplier is 80%.

For Fighters, it is 100%

and Exotics don't have a multiplier as they only come in S Class.

Here is a spreadsheet by the mighty Ket, it was made and updated to 1.38 of No Man’s Sky, but appears to still be fully accurate as of the 1.75 Visions Update.

NEXT, we'll cover Spawning, as if you know exactly how the spawning works, you can truly make your ship hunting as efficient as possible.