No Man's Sky Starship Mega-Guide - Inventory Layouts

Technology Inventory Layouts

The most optimized layouts for each technology type differ, so we'll have to mostly go through them one by one.

Remember folks that you are limited to 3 of any type of procedural technology module, per inventory, this means that you can have 3 S Class Pulse Drive Modules in your Main Inventory and 3 in your Technology Inventory and they will all work, but you cannot have 4 or more of any type of specifically Procedural Tech Modules in any one inventory.

This does not include the blueprint upgrade modules.

The Shields are simple.

They do gain an adjacency bonus to each other, but not to the main unit, meaning that they do not need to be attached to the main unit, but should be attached to each other.

As you have an upgrade blueprint called Ablative Armour which also benefits from an Adjacency bonus, you should have them in a 2 by 2 cube, if you wish to put 3 more procedural Shielding Modules in the other inventory, there are only 3, so they should either be placed in a line, or a corner, either way, all 3 should be connected.

The Pulse Drive is similar, there is a blueprint upgrade module called the Photonix Core, but most people will not have it or be able to have it, as it was part of the limited edition PS4 release and due to a bug was also available in-game for a very short time on the original launch.

If you have the Photonix Core blueprint, you will know it, so if you don't, don't worry about it.

If you do have it, then do as with the Shields and make a cube, if not then just have the 3 modules connected.

I cannot be certain whether the main unit gives an adjacency bonus or not, so I would say, if you can connect the module to it, do so, if you cannot, don't worry about it, it's only a few percent.

Hyperdrive is an interesting one, the total jump distance is shown in the drop-down tooltip for the ship, so you can test this one far more easily.

The base unit gives 100 and does not gain a bonus on itself if a module is touching it, but a module touching it does gain a bonus, so if you can, you should connect the hyperdrive modules to it, as there are only 3, just one will connect to the main unit, and those need to connect to each other.

The Cadmium, Emeril and Indium Drives do give a bonus since either the Abyss or Visions update, but remember that you only need the top one, so if you have the blueprint for the Indium Drive, then just build that one, I personally don’t believe it would be worth it to place the others unless you have space for days..

The Teleport Receiver, Efficient Thruster, Economy Scanner and Conflict Scanner have no adjacency bonuses with anything, so just put them where you want, they are good for filling in single slots after you have placed your weapons and such.

The Cyclotron Ballista and Infra-Knife Accelerator are both most optimized when placed in the Cross layout where the main unit is in the center with the Modules and Blueprint Upgrade touching it on all four sides.

This is likely down to the main module being the whole base numbers while the procedural modules are just percentages of that base, while the main module may and most likely receives a lesser bonus percentage, it is still greater in the output bonuses.

The second best layout for this is with the Main Unit and the Procedural Modules in a 2 by 2 cube with the Blueprint Upgrade touching the Main Module.

The Positron Ejector is the same as the Cyclotron Ballista & Infra-Knife Accelerator for the Damage and DPS, but can also be done a different way to extend its range and presumably Accuracy.

I did some testing on this to see if the Blueprint Upgrade for the Positron Ejector, called the Fragment Supercharger, benefitted from an adjacency bonus and so increases it's range more than the 25% stated, and awesomely, it did, I was rather happy to see this and was a bitch to test but totally worth it.

I cannot, unfortunately, confirm whether the accuracy is also affected by the bonus, but it would seem logical, and if so, you may be very tempted to drop about 13 or so percent damage in order to increase your range by a potential 4% and accuracy by 12.8%, that is of course unless it is a lesser bonus, in which case it would be lower, but it is a choice none the less, and if you wish to do it that way then have the Upgrade in the middle with the Main unit and the Procedural modules touching the 4 sides.

The Phase Beam is a very interesting one, I'm not sure how it works, but through all of the tests I did, the one that gave the highest damage was actually the Main unit with the 3 Procedural Modules in a 2 by 2 cube and the Blueprint Upgrade touching the Procedural Module that has the highest stats.

From what I saw, it actually seems as though the main unit either does not gain a bonus from being touched, or gives a very small one, but it appears to at least impart a lesser bonus to the s Class modules, so they are the focus for the Phase Beam.

The Rocket Launcher does not have any procedural modules, it has only a blueprint upgrade module.

The upgrade gives a 20% decrease on the Cooldown of the Rocket, an adjacency bonus for that would be small enough that trying to measure it would be very very difficult, I tried, but I cannot be certain whether it makes a difference, but what I am certain of is the damage increase from putting them next to each other, you definitely get a worthwhile damage increase on your rockets by placing the 2 modules next to each other and if the main module gains a damage bonus, it may gain other things, so place them together when possible.

The last thing about layouts is planning.

Whether you put the sets of 5 weaponry in the Technology Inventory depends on a few things.

How many tech slots you have to use and things like, whether you want this ship to have warp capabilities, if so, are you going all out with 3 in the main and 3 in the tech.

Is it a trading vessel where only the most basic of weaponry is required, but a bit of shielding would be nice, so maybe, only hyperdrives, shields and a Positron with it’s upgrade in the tech.

With this new system we have in NEXT, the amount of combinations is large, so plan it out and do the best with the slot layout and slot count you have to fit your purpose.