Xainesworld.com Site Update! 26th August 2017

So, it's been a few weeks and I've been gradually improving the site.

I've added a 2 sidebars to most pages, the left being a secondary more in-depth navigation bar allowing for a hopefully more comfortable experience when browsing what Xaine's World has to offer.

It's a manually created sidebar using images and links, so if you think the styling and such warrants criticism, I'd love to hear it, changes can easily be made.

New Sidebar Navigation Added! (Page shown is Mass Effect News)

New Sidebar Navigation Added! (Page shown is Mass Effect News)

Another thing added over the last few days is a gallery section for screenshots of the featured video games, this currently covers both Mass Effect: Andromeda and of course No Man's Sky with it's amazing generated terrain.

A Beautiful example of what No Man's Sky procedural generation can produce.

A Beautiful example of what No Man's Sky procedural generation can produce.

I have quite a few more things I plan to add over the next few months including more tools like the Multiplayer and Singleplayer Advanced Weapon Calculators.

I've also revised the way I make guides for youtube, with the video not just being published on youtube with a link to them on here, but a text article version of all new guides available on the site to accompany the video itself, hopefully, make things more comfortable to watch or read.

You may have also noticed the appearance of adverts.

This is a necessary part of the future of Xaine's World in order to keep the website afloat and allow me to spend my time creating content.

My goal with this is to be as unintrusive as possible, going through Google's sought after ad service allows me to keep away from those horrendous pop-ups and noisy adverts that distract from your experience, It also allows me to be quite picky with what is shown as far as the content of them, some pay very well but are a little distasteful & that is not what I wish for this site.

Regarding that, please let me know if you have a negative experience regarding anything including the ads shown, be as detailed as possible so that I may prevent it in the future.


Lastly, as this website is so young and me so new to website management, any and all feedback is hugely appreciated.

The comments section below, as well as the contact page, is a fantastic way to get in touch and voice your critiques, concerns, and experiences, I take all of this very seriously and monitor all correspondence daily.

Have an awesome day folks!

Xaine's World Launch IS-A-GO!!!


After months of work on the calculator project, it is done (ish), while the calculators themselves are nice and complete, there is more in that realm I wish to do.

I also have huge ideas for this website, its direction is at the forefront of my mind.

I want xainesworld.com to be not just an extension of Xaine's World on youtube, but almost an equal partner that will eventually be the hub to everything I do.

Gaming is not at all the pinnacle of my goals, it is the beginning, I love gaming and figuring out the best ways to do everything in them, so the Xaine's World channel will remain one of my main focuses for quite some time to come, but more is coming.

Lookin' Snazzy

Lookin' Snazzy

With new games coming soon like Shadow of War, God of War and of course Anthem, you can expect a far greater level of quality AND quantity to come from them than you saw with Mass Effect: Andromeda.

MEA was a huge learning experience for me and my knowledge of everything to do with games themselves and business, youtube, editing, it has all grown since it came out only a few months ago.


This is another step into something special, I'm glad you're along for the ride!