Patch 1.10 hits players!

With a surprise ambush on our hard drives, BioWare released Patch 1.10 on Sunday the 31st of July.

It's initial size of approximately 1.4gb gave many (including myself) a little ray of hope for some singleplayer content, but after downloading and starting it's install, the size went right down to a few hundred mb.

As it turned out it was just a few Bug fixes and Balance changes to multiplayer, most of which affected very few, but the few they affected were experiencing some real game ending bugs, so above all, it IS good they were fixed.

For a full breakdown of all of these bug fixes and balance changes added to Mass Effect: Andromeda in Patch 1.10, see the video below where I go over everything.

Here is a breakdown of the Patch released a few hours ago 'Patch 1.10 of Mass Effect Andromeda. This Patch covers a few small bug fixes and balance changes to Multiplayer and has no Singleplayer content.

Mass Effect: Andromeda Patch 1.09 Hits... It's BIG!

With such a large update, instead of just writing them here, why not watch this loving crafted video that holds everything you need to know.

This was a sizable update, the biggest so far in fact, in data and content. I cover everything in this video, I spent a solid 7 hours from the moment the patch was released researching and compiling the information in this video, then multiple extra hours after testing.