BioWare is Hiring for Anthem & Mass Effect!

Yes you heard correctly,

Bioware has announced a number of positions that they are looking to fill at their Austin Studio.

This covers mostly the Austin Studio but also one position at Edmonton and another that is a little vaguer on the location.

The positions cover everything from Sr. Character Artist for Anthem, Gameplay Animation Programmer for Anthem, Senior Animator for Star Wars Old Republic to Software Development Engineer in Test.

None of the positions specifically mention Mass Effect in their titles and attributions, but a few do mention it in the application itself. (Seen Below)

This adds at least adds a semblance of hope toward continued support for Mass Effect: Andromeda, even if that support is only on Multiplayer, the prospect of MEA not fading away is a good one.

It's nice to see things starting to shake up a little as the reigns were passed.

But what do you think this means?

Let me know below your thoughts on these applications versus the fate of Mass Effect: Andromeda or just the IP itself.