CONFIRMED! No DLC for Singleplayer Mass Effect: Andromeda

Well, It was expected, but many of us held hope to the contrary.

It was officially anounced that there will be absolutely no more singleplayer content for Mass Effect: Andromeda

As a rather large fan of MEA, this is sad news to hear, but not surprising.

All those that held out hope are likely unsurprised and it is, if anything, more like a confirmation of death (super morbid I know), but such is the business we play in.

Those wanting to know exactly what the frell has happened to the Quarian Ark will not be left completely in the dark, however, it seems while it won't be tackled in Multiplayer, it will be covered extensively in an upcoming graphic novel.

For fans of the Multiplayer, you can still expect new missions and story to be coming regularly, no expression for the fall of Multiplayer has been expressed by the studio.

How do you feel about this?

Did you honestly believe this was the only outcome?

BioWare is Hiring for Anthem & Mass Effect!

Yes you heard correctly,

Bioware has announced a number of positions that they are looking to fill at their Austin Studio.

This covers mostly the Austin Studio but also one position at Edmonton and another that is a little vaguer on the location.

The positions cover everything from Sr. Character Artist for Anthem, Gameplay Animation Programmer for Anthem, Senior Animator for Star Wars Old Republic to Software Development Engineer in Test.

None of the positions specifically mention Mass Effect in their titles and attributions, but a few do mention it in the application itself. (Seen Below)

This adds at least adds a semblance of hope toward continued support for Mass Effect: Andromeda, even if that support is only on Multiplayer, the prospect of MEA not fading away is a good one.

It's nice to see things starting to shake up a little as the reigns were passed.

But what do you think this means?

Let me know below your thoughts on these applications versus the fate of Mass Effect: Andromeda or just the IP itself.

Patch 1.10 hits players!

With a surprise ambush on our hard drives, BioWare released Patch 1.10 on Sunday the 31st of July.

It's initial size of approximately 1.4gb gave many (including myself) a little ray of hope for some singleplayer content, but after downloading and starting it's install, the size went right down to a few hundred mb.

As it turned out it was just a few Bug fixes and Balance changes to multiplayer, most of which affected very few, but the few they affected were experiencing some real game ending bugs, so above all, it IS good they were fixed.

For a full breakdown of all of these bug fixes and balance changes added to Mass Effect: Andromeda in Patch 1.10, see the video below where I go over everything.

Here is a breakdown of the Patch released a few hours ago 'Patch 1.10 of Mass Effect Andromeda. This Patch covers a few small bug fixes and balance changes to Multiplayer and has no Singleplayer content.

Mass Effect: Andromeda Patch 1.09 Hits... It's BIG!

With such a large update, instead of just writing them here, why not watch this loving crafted video that holds everything you need to know.

This was a sizable update, the biggest so far in fact, in data and content. I cover everything in this video, I spent a solid 7 hours from the moment the patch was released researching and compiling the information in this video, then multiple extra hours after testing.