CONFIRMED! No DLC for Singleplayer Mass Effect: Andromeda

Well, It was expected, but many of us held hope to the contrary.

It was officially anounced that there will be absolutely no more singleplayer content for Mass Effect: Andromeda

As a rather large fan of MEA, this is sad news to hear, but not surprising.

All those that held out hope are likely unsurprised and it is, if anything, more like a confirmation of death (super morbid I know), but such is the business we play in.

Those wanting to know exactly what the frell has happened to the Quarian Ark will not be left completely in the dark, however, it seems while it won't be tackled in Multiplayer, it will be covered extensively in an upcoming graphic novel.

For fans of the Multiplayer, you can still expect new missions and story to be coming regularly, no expression for the fall of Multiplayer has been expressed by the studio.

How do you feel about this?

Did you honestly believe this was the only outcome?