Galactic Hub 'New Lennon' Player Base Wiki Table Code Generator

Such a catchy name isn't it O.o


This calculator has been made to simplify the input of data in the wiki, one of many more to come.

You simply enter the basic information that the form asks for an it will generate the wiki code for your base on what you input into the form.

To avoid any potential confusion, here is a key to each input:

  • Base Name This is of course the name of your base, if you haven't named it yourself, the Base Computer will have a generated name, you can use that :).
  • Owner's Name This is also fairly self explanatory, just whatever name you wish to be known as or hold yourself as online.
  • Owner's Social Media Link This one would generally be a link to your Reddit, Twitter, Youtube, PSN. Basically, the Social Media profile your are most active on, particularly within the NMS Community.
  • Crops Present This is a list of all farmable crops, if your base has any of these, please type in the white box, the quantity of that plant, not the yield, the amount of actual plants you have, the generator will automatically convert the plants you have into the yield they will provide when it generates the code.
  • Large Refiner These are very useful tools, so if you have one or many, it could be useful for a visitor to know, as a Refiners inventory, is separate for each person, even if you are in the same multiplayer game, others can use your refiners at the same time you are using it without any complications. So for this one, just type how many Large Refiners you have, if you don't have any, leave it blank.
  • Race Track They can be a lot of fun, especially with how the game has changed with the NEXT update. So if you have a race track, please type the time it takes roughly to complete, your first time doing it will suffice, or the current record. The format for this should be hours:minutes:seconds, for example 1:35:12 would be 1 hour, 35 minutes and 12 seconds.
  • Latitude This is a form of coordinate, Latitude and Longitude has been added in to No Man's Sky, this enables us to find a specific place on a planet, so please type the Latitude in this box of your base.
  • Longitude This would be the second half of the coordinates, please type the Longitude of your base computer here.
  • Primary Base Image File Name This is the main image for your base that will be visible in the wiki on your entry. Please put the full filename with extension as it appears once uploaded to the wiki. IMPORTANT! You must upload your main image to the wiki, you can do this on the Edit Source page that you will access to paste the generated code. There is a button to upload, so upload you main base image and then copy the full file name as it appears in the wiki with the extension and paste it in the Primary Base Image File Name box. Note: This is not a url, it looks exactly like a normal file name only it will not have any spaces.
  • Multiple Images This is generally an album or a Youtube Video that showcases more of the base. It is of course the url that you paste here.
  • Notes This is any extra information that you deem important, please do not do any extra lines, this should be a single sentence on one line and be concise. It can be easy to give in to your poetic side here, but long drawn out descriptions here will just make the tables on the wiki look malformed.



  1. Go to the New Lennon Wiki Page found here & find the section of the New Lennon Base Catalog that fits you for Platform (PS4, PC or Xbox) and Gamemode (Normal, Survival/Permadeath & Creative), then click the 'Edit Source' link right next to the title of that section.
  2. In the source code page, there is a code editor, click the button in the tools of the editor that looks like a grey/blue arrow pointing upward that when hovered over, shows the text 'Select Files', then select the Screenshot that you wish to be visible on the base table itself, just one image for this (Alternatively, if the option is there, you can drag and drop the image file on to the blue/grey bar that reads 'Drop Files Here').
  3. Copy the name and extension of the file as it is shown once uploaded in the list (Note: This should be a .jpg or .png) and paste it into the Primary Base Image File Name white box found on the calculator below.
  4. Proceed to fill in all of the relevant information into the other boxes on the form, giving as much information as you can for a more robust entry.
  5. Select all lines of code that have been generated at the 'Wiki Code' section at the bottom of this calculator and copy it.
  6. Go back to the Edit Source page and scroll down to the bottom of the pre-existing code and make a new line, then paste the code you copied from this generator.
  7. Click to Preview the page to ensure everything is kosure.
  8. If all is well, Click Save Changes and you are done!