Experimental Multi-tools in all their glory!

After much searching and the help of fellow travelers far and wide, many warp cells and gallons of launch fuel, I bring you a series of Multi-tool videos with all the information you will need on where to find them. These are all Experimental versions and look super sexy once combined with your matching spacesuit. Hells yeah!

Please click the image to view the corresponding multi-tool

nms experimental multi tools

3 thoughts on “Experimental Multi-tools in all their glory!”

  1. Are these still valid in Beyond? I tried 2 today and they were not at the coordinates shown.

    1. They’ve moved slightly. I got lucky and someone left a comm ball near the new location. I suggest looking for the radio antenna that point at minor settlements. They can be revealed by clicking the scan button while flying on the surface.

  2. This doesnt work u should take ur website down or make ur videos more helpful like half of us dont even no how to reload def wasted mad time

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