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Complete Cooking Recipe List
for No Man's Sky 2021

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  1. Hi Xaine. Could you please make the text a bit darker? My eyes aren’t the best anymore and it’s not easy to read for me the way it currently is.

    1. Xaine

      Sorry it took me what i now see is a month, but i found where to sort it now, so every table created should now be a thicker font

  2. Amazing work, but…This has put me off the whole cooking/farming thing, which is a shame as i was really looking forward to it. The have to increase all tier recipe payouts by 2000% to even make it worth all the headaches. ?

    1. that is exactly how I feel, I just got the nutrient processor and was excited to see what I ca make but when I saw the recipes my excitement turned to dread… no way im going to even try to find some of these things, plus take the insane measures to get them. i have never even seen 99% of them lol.

      1. Actually it’s not too bad. Walkers give tall eggs after you feed them (or use the feeder and harvester devices together). Smaller dino/diplo creatures give creature eggs. Slug/snail creatures give honey. There’s a few other things, but MOST creatures give you some form of milk. Depending on whether it refines to cream or proto-cream you wind up with different stacks, though they’re interchangeable as far as recipes are concerned.

        Plants can be a bit weirder. You only seem to be able tp plant valuable things and only a few of those work in recipes (cactus for one). Annoying thing is that heptaloid wheat can’t be planted. On the upside, it grows naturally in most environments. Plus there’s another plant called glass grains or something that also cooks down to refined flour.

        The best way to minimize the time-sink involved in cooking is to use multiple nutrient processors placed next to one another. Process base ingredients in one or two, then put the results into a “final recipe” oven. Grab stacks as they finish.

        Same basic scheme you would do with refiners, only there you typically use multiple medium refiners and a large refiner in an adjoining room. I tend to put my “ovens” in a cylindrical room with a bio-dome atop it and a ladder up in the middle. Ideally you want to place the ladder facing AWAY from the door leading to it. Elsewise you wind up getting on the ladder by accident.

        1. HARBINGERoftheVOID

          You can use Frost Crystals to make Glass Grains and those to make Refined Flour, rather than hunting for Heptaloid Wheat. Frost Crystals grow faster than anything.

          By my analysis, the only plants you need to gather as there’s no suitable farmables are:
          1) Fireberry or Pulpy Roots for Scorching Sauce (Fireberrys are better as you can also use them for Ever Burning Jam or Spiced Ice, two things you can’t make without Fireberries).

          2) Impulse Beans for Bittersweet Cocoa.

          3) Hexaberry for Anomalous Jam.

          4) Grahberry for Grah’jam, but since you would likely use Grah’jam to make something else you can usually substitute in either Crab ‘Apple’ or Leopard-Fruit to make their own jams, both farmable from certain animals using the Livestock Unit.

          5) Sweetroot is really only needed for Mushed Root Pie (Cactus Flesh can be converted to Nectar then Sugar for all sweet recipies).

          6) Aloe Flesh is likewise only needed for Refreshing Drink, so not worth going out of your way for.

          There’s a few odd meats like Leg Meat for ‘Legs-in-Pastry’, but typically meats can be hunted much faster and more plentifully than gathering wild plants, so I don’t consider them as things to be on the lookout for. Most meat dishes have pretty interchangable ingredients. If you don’t want to hunt you can farm Mordite to make most of these, but hunting really is much faster.

          There’s also some items like Foraged Mushrooms for Fungal Omelette or Earthy Pie that are apparently no longer available in-game (despite the name Foraged Mushrooms are/were farmed from mole-like animals). I don’t know what else besides Foraged Mushrooms are currently unavailable.

          Other thoughts on cooking:
          1) If you’re just looking to make Units, you’re better off crafting Trade Items from farmed plants and harvested gasses. This is commonly known.

          2) Most people who cook stick to Fibrous Stew as being the best return on your time for feeding to Cronos. It’s easily made using most farmable plants so it’s fast and easy to generate large amounts, but you end up spending more time just feeding them to Cronos, which is dead boring and requires constant clicking. Personally I’d like to spend a little more time making something he really likes such as Caramel Doughnuts and get a better return on each click of feeding him.

          3) Cactus Flesh takes a long time to grow, but is used in such small quantities against Star Bulb to make Poly Fibre that you’re going to have lots left over. You can either get used to making Unstable Gel for Units or sugary items for Cronos to get Nanites from the surplus.

          4) Frost Crystals up to your ears. There’s gotta be a better solution to how to make use of them, Crafting into Glass is actually worth less Units than selling the Crystals and Cronos seems to hate Bread from the Flour and Yeast (Faecium) that you can farm plentifully. Living Glass sells for a decent amount of Units but then you’re limited by how fast you can grow Gamma Root. You can farm eggs and milk to make ice creams and custards, but it still seems out of prortion and a bit of a time suck to utilize them.

          5) I think there is an easy solution for the developers here to reinvigorate interest in cooking. Mission Agents currently give out the Valuable Items Sought type of quests, but those only ever seem to be for minable resources like Uranium. If they added more complicated food products into this quest type, and gave them suitably high rewards like freighter expansions, I think a lot more people would get re-interested in cooking.

          1. HARBINGERoftheVOID

            Actually Jam Tarts are probably the most efficient Tier 1.0 items (rather than Caramel Doughnuts) to craft for Cronos. You just need 1 Frost Crystal, 2 Cactus Flesh, and 1 Milk per Tart.

  3. Cooking is absolutely a fascinating aspect of crafting for them to add into the game, but it does need some more time in the development oven before it’s cooked all the way through.

  4. pastorbadger


    The list says you make Tangy Cheese with Cream only. Cream only makes Churned Butter. Anyone know what the missing ingredient is?

    1. Xaine

      Thank you for pointing this out, I believe it is a bug/oversight in the coding, 1 recipe with 2 outputs, I expect it will be patched at some point

  5. Xaine, would you mind adding a download link to the list? Perhaps a small chart, and maybe something similar to a pdf, so we would be able to have all of the recipes open at once, divided into the sections and categories you set, and still use a search feature? A small chart similar to the one in your video would be wonderful; idk how you have made the list, or if this would be a hassle at all; my apologies if this is a difficult request.
    Thank you

  6. LadyDarkSorrow

    Hi, I follow close but, seem to be missing 3, find Salty Doughnut, I’m Missing, The Stellarator. also
    Mystery Meat Pie, I’m Missing, High Fibre Pie. Last one, Monstrous Honey Cake, I’m Missing, End of page. if anyone could help me find the 3 I’m missing..

      1. LadyDarkSorrow

        missing means, I haven’t unlocked them, I was hoping, could you check and give me the names of the ones I haven’t unlocked ? 573 recipes is little hard to go through only to find the 3 I still need

  7. So… I think Pie Case is Tier 3, not Tier 4. It only requires two ingredients, which are both Tier 2.

    Great job on the site and videos BTW. I wish HG would hire some folks like you to be testers for a month before they launch these things.

    1. Xaine

      Thank you for noting, I messed up on that one, I didn’t use a formula to sort them via their tier, I did it manually, so potential for a mess up is there.

      And thank you again :) glad you like the site and vids :)

  8. It’s really hard to read anything with this extra thin font. Maybe consider changing it? Can’t see a thing.

    1. Xaine

      Thank you for the feedback, currently trying to find out how to alter in table defaults, will see if i can alter the font weight for all tables

  9. What am I missing here, trying to make cheese but all I ever get with cream is butter, what’s the deal, leaving it in the cooker over night?

    1. Xaine

      Nice one! they’d adjusted the recipes in the recent update, so ill be updating the list to reflect the cheese and i think 3 others that were changed

  10. magnifіϲent issues altogether, you just received a
    new reader. Ꮃhat may you suggest in regarԁs to your put up
    thаt үou јust made some days in the past? Any positive?

  11. With patch 2.12 the Larval Core and Hypnotic Eye can be put in the Processor again (Mordite was fixed earlier). The fixed/new recipes for cheese are Wild Yeast + Cream -> Tangy Cheese, and Wild Yeast + Proto-Cream -> ProtoCheese.

  12. wolverine2710

    Found this list when looking for refiner recipes – nice util btw. New to this cooking stuff. What exactly does quality mean? On a wiki I found a similar list (not searchable though) and that one should how many nanites a certain recipe is. This is what I’m currently missing in this list. Is that possible or is that data not available – assuming you are datamining the NMS files.

    1. Xaine

      Heya bud, super happy to hear you like the site and it’s info :).

      By nanites, do you mean how much the recipe will give upon presenting to Cronus?

      If so, that is what the quality number is about. No recipe has an exact number of nanites it will receive from Cronus, so putting the nanite estimates seemed a little iffy. The quality value is a decimal, also viewed as a percentage from between 0.1 and 1, the higher it is, the more chance it has of giving the full 40 nanites.
      1 is the highest quality possible currently, so anything with a quality of 1 will give you the best chances.

      I’d recommend Salty Custard, it’s a super cheap and easy food to make that can be 100% farmed and has the highest quality rating.

  13. Thanks so much, Xaine! This list is awesome and very smoothly interactive. I’ve been working my way through each recipe with a focus on the hardest ones. Major props, man. :)

  14. Just a though, if you would explain each one this way, it would help with having to reverse engineer each type of ingredient
    . Pie case
    milk = cream
    cream = churned butter
    Frost crystals = glass grains
    Glass grains = refined flour
    refined flour + churned butter = pastry
    pastry = pie case

  15. Thank you so much, this must have been a bitch to put together. Although cooking isn’t really worth the effort right now, It’s still really nice to have this resource. If the bonuses like sprint boost and jet pack boost (although how food boosts your jet pack, I don’t know unless maybe it’s chili, wink wink nudge nudge) lasted longer it would be cool or if they sold for more, it would be nice. Right now it’s just a time sink but it can be fun. But really thanks a lot I have used this resource to save me a ton of time and headache.

  16. Tangy Cheese is listed as being made with 1 Cream, this is incorrect, at least currently on PS4.
    1 Cream + 1 Wild Yeast = Tangy Cheese
    1 Cream = Churned Butter
    1 Cream + ! Cream = Creamy Sauce

    1. Xaine

      Thank you for the correction, I’ll refresh the list with the current game files Asap, it appears some fixes have been added

  17. Why no mention of how much the dishes are worth?
    I get 18,800 units for 1 unit of Fiery Vegetable Stew. That seems to be worth the trouble. Would like to know what other things are worth making. So please include the item sale price in units on a column. Thanks.

    1. Xaine

      The prices, nanite amount from Chronos among a few other things have changed since this guide was made, I’ll be working on an updated version very soon.

      Previously, prices were static and very low for all dishes

  18. furtivepygmy

    Xaine, fairly new follower, but the amount of time and effort you put into your vids, website and amazing Stasis Mega Guide is admirable. Very professional! Thanks for being such a n all-around resource for NMS. F.Pygmy

  19. Theres a thing at the top of the screen hanging down that says no man’s sky x xaines arcade shop blog register and login can you please tell me how to get rid of it is covering the whole screen

  20. Seriously, dude. Amazing work. I cannot state how much I appreciate that someone put this list together.
    Peace to you, brother.

  21. Hi there! Thanks for posting this info! :) It’s come in really handy. It would be nice if you could also add the buff/effect the food gives you when consumed. I just finished cooking every single recipe on the list, then found that it doesn’t actually tell you what the buff/effect is unless you need it at the time. :/ I’m sure this is the same reason why googling what they are has yielded no results.

  22. Awesome site Xaine! Was wondering if there is a list of the stat boosts for eating the recipes cooked? Also the units from selling? Thanks!

  23. nevermind on the units…my bad lol…but still wondering about stat boosts.. thanks again!

  24. Any chance you know how to get the new Cronus title to unlock? I’ve tried top recipes and so far nothing.

  25. Large pillbug creature —> Lumpy Brainstem (no farmable byproducts)
    Lumpy Brainstem —> Processed Meat
    Lumpy Brainstem + Lumpy Brainstem —> Chewy ‘Dumpling’ Stew
    Chewy ‘Dumpling’ Stew + Partially Liquid Cheese —> Tangy Organ Stew
    Chewy ‘Dumpling” Stew + Creamy Sauce —> Creamed Organ Soup
    Chewy ‘Dumpling’ Stew + Flavoursome Sauce —> Flavoursome Organs
    Chewy ‘Dumpling’ Stew + Scorching Sauce —> Devilled Organs

    Large Armored Rhinoceros Beetle —> Crunchy Wings (no farmable byproducts)
    Crunchy Wings —> Processed Meat
    Crunchy Wings + Crunchy Wings —> Gelantinous Goop
    Gelantinous Goop + Partially Liquid Cheese —> Tangy Organ Stew
    Gelantinous Goop + Creamy Sauce —> Creamed Organs
    Gelantinous Goop + Flavoursome Sauce —> Flavoursome Organs
    Gelantinous Goop + Scorching Sauce —> Devilled Organs

    1. Crunchy Wings + Carbon —> Smoked Meat
      Lumpy Brainstem + Carbon —> Smoked Meat

      Robotic Animals —> Chewy Wires farmable (Nanites upon death)
      Chewy Wires —> Carbon Nanotubes (only item I could find)

      1. Ground Eyeball on Stalks —> Dirty Meat (no farmable byproduct)
        Dirty Meat —> Processed Meat
        Dirty Meat + Dirty Meat —> Soiled Soup
        Dirty Meat + Carbon —> Smoked Meat
        Soiled Soup + Partially Liquid Cheese —> Cheese-and-Flesh Stew
        Soiled Soup + Creamy Sauce —> Thick Meat Stew
        Soiled Soup + Flavoursome Sauce —> Herb-Encrusted Flesh
        Soiled Soup + Scorching Sauce —> Spicy Fleshballs
        Dirty Meat + Hypnoyic Eye —> Abyssal Stew

        Crunchy Wings + Hypnotic Eye —> Abyssal Stew
        Lumpy Brainstem + Hypnotic Eye —> Abyssal Stew

        1. Any meat + dirty meat —> soiled soup
          Any meat + crunchy wings —> gelantinous goop
          Any meat + lumpy brainstem —> chewy ‘dumpling’ stew

          1. Fossil Creature —> Crystal Flesh (Bone Nuggets farmable)
            Crystal Flesh —> Processed Meat
            Crystal Flesh + Carbon —> Smoked Meat
            Crystal Flesh + Crystal Flesh —> Crystalline Soup
            Crystalline Soup + Partially Liquid Cheese —> Tangy Organ Stew
            Crystalline Soup + Creamy Sauce —> Creamed Organs
            Crystalline Soup + Flavoursome Sauce —> Flavoursome Organs
            Crystalline Soup + Scorching Sauce —> Devilled Organs
            Crystal Flesh + Hypnotic Eye —> Abyssal Stew
            Any meat + Crystal Flesh —> Crystalline Soup

            Bone Nuggets —> Bone Milk
            Bone Milk —> Bone Cream
            Bone Cream—> Bone Butter
            Bone Butter + Sticky Honey —> Gooey Butter
            Bone Butter + Synthetic Honey —> Honey Butter
            Bone Butter + Bone Butter —> Clarified Oil
            Bone Cream + Wild Yeast —> Bone Cream (i think this is a typo because the icon is the same as cheese)

  26. Bone Cream + Processed Sugar + Creature Egg —> Very Thick Custard
    Very Thick Custard + Frost Crystal —> Icey Marrow
    Bone Cheese + Egg —> Scrambled Marrow

    Pie Crust + Crystal Flesh —> Toothbreaker
    Pie Crust + Dirty Meat —> The Pie of Knowledge
    Pie Crust + Lumpy Brainstem —> Gritty Meat Pie
    Pie Crust + Crunchy Wings —> Leathery Tart

    1. Xaine

      Wow, you went all out, cheers for the info. I’ll be updating the tables with game file info in the next day or 2, didn’t realise quite this many recipes were added

      1. No problem. Still need to find turtles (scooped innards), (latticed sinew), diplos (diplo chunks, giants eggs), (foraged mushrooms) to finish out my catalogue.

        1. Turtle Creature —> Scooped Innards (no farmable byproduct)
          Scooped Innards —> Processed Meat
          Scooped Innards + Carbon —> Smoked Meat
          Scooped Innards + Scooped Innards —> Stewed Organs
          Pie Crust + Scooped Innards —> Chewy Organ Pie
          Scooped Innards + Hypnotic Eye —> Abyssal Stew

          1. Burrowing Creature —> Latticed Sinew
            Latticed Sinew + Latticed Sinew —> Well Stirred Stew

            I haven’t been able to find what creature to feed to produce foraged mushrooms. Also are Diplo Chunks and Giant Eggs even in game anymore, all diplos I find give meat chunks and creature eggs.

  27. Could you upload or send me screenshots of your cooking catalogue on the game? As I’m trying to fill in the my gaps and it’s a nightmare going through each cooking product to see if I’ve done it or not! Thanks

  28. Nicholas Manuel

    Is there a Google Sheets spreadsheet of this list. I would like to print out the recipes.

  29. Chef Skyclad#4668

    Been using your site a couple years now ( Thanks for the creation and maint. of it! Invaluable resource… ) and love your video content. I’ve been rallying Hello Games for some selfish-recognition of the amount of “Sweet Cream Dreams” and “The Stellarators” (mid- four-digit range) I’ve baked and given-away to folks at the Space Anomaly since first playing NMS ( no word back from H.G. yet, ha ). Many, many thousands of honey, cream and eggs at this point. Main reason I’m here : At some point you may want to nuke the “Bait” tab on this Cooking Recipe page, since everything just makes “Creature Pellets” as-of Companions / 3.2x, and we can no longer make advanced baits (which I kinda miss doing…made farming a bit more of a challenge, but perhaps just a slog for most).

    Keep up the great work, man! Warm winds and following seas to you and yours.
    -Chef Skyclad

    1. Xaine

      The buffs are applied when you eat that food, so the stamina, would either pause stamina drain for a short time or fill your stamina bar for sprinting.

  30. Any info on the duration of these buffs? they could range from godly to completely useless based on duration but i cant find a list anywhere that has durations

  31. Hey man, I’ve been watching your vids for a bit now. I was curious about the Cooking Products and the Nutrient Processor and this list has been very helpful, so I wanted to thank you! P.S – I know you don’t have any videos for it archived on YT, but did you ever get into Elite Dangerous on the side? I always thought it would be sweet to see some ED videos from ya. I’m usually switching between that and NMS. Anyways, thanks for the awesome content and I’ll continue to support in any way I can!

    1. Xaine

      Aaaw thank you dude <3

      And sadly I've just never had enough spare time to check it out. I hear it is very involved to play properly.

  32. Hi Xaine,
    Firstly, thank you so much for doing this, it makes it so much easier.
    I’ve just noticed that the bait recipes create creature pellets now, I believe they removed all the other baits with the Companions update.
    Also, there is a version of cheese for the Bone Cream but it’s incorrectly labelled in game as Bone Cream but with the cheese/butter image.

  33. It would be awesome if this provided the base value of the items. Not the value it’d sell for in your local market, the generic value it gives when you mouseover the recipe in the game.

  34. Did they take most of the bait Recipe out of the game? I’ve tried making them, but the only one I can get to work is the pellets.

  35. is this available in a spreadsheet like Excel, please let me know or is it only gona be in the web browser

  36. Hi, I’ve just followed your refiner and cooking recipe guide and got 1,155 out of 1,156. I’m missing a recipe for creature pellets, I have 33 and need 34, I followed your creature bait section, you’ve got 38 listed but 5 of the products aren’t available anymore, scented herbs, enzyme fluid and fermented fruit, what am I missing? Anybody got recipes for 34 creature pellets or has completed 1,156 recipes, my creature pellets are all of the first page and then 1 on the second page then ??? on the 2nd slot.
    Cheers for any help

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