Cooking Recipe List | Hell’s Kitchen | No Man’s Sky Beyond

Here at Hell’s Kitchen, in the Heart of UAS space, I’ve been donning my apron and best white hat to bring you EVERY single recipe and how to make them in the latest Beyond update for No Man’s sky.

Complete Cooking Recipe List for No Man's Sky Beyond

Food/BaitTierResultIngredient 1Ingredient 2Ingredient 3Quality
Food1Abyssal StewHypnotic EyeHypnotic Eye1
Food1Abyssal StewHypnotic EyeMeaty Chunks1
Food1Abyssal StewHypnotic EyeOffal Sac1
Food1Abyssal StewHypnotic EyeFeline Liver1
Food1Abyssal StewHypnotic EyeMeaty Wings1
Food1Abyssal StewHypnotic EyeProtoSausage1
Food1Abyssal StewHypnotic EyeDiplo Chunks1
Food1Abyssal StewHypnotic EyeScaly Meat1
Food1Abyssal StewHypnotic EyeStrider Sausage1
Food1Abyssal StewHypnotic EyeRaw Steak1
Food1Abyssal StewHypnotic EyeImpulse Beans1
Food1Abyssal StewHypnotic EyeJade Peas1
Food2Abyssal StewHypnotic EyeHorrifying Mush1
Food2Abyssal StewHorrifying MushHorrifying Mush1
Food2Abyssal StewHorrifying MushProcessed Meat1
Food2Abyssal StewHorrifying MushSmoked Meat1
Food2Abyssal StewHorrifying MushMeaty Chunks1
Food2Abyssal StewHorrifying MushOffal Sac1
Food2Abyssal StewHorrifying MushFeline Liver1
Food2Abyssal StewHorrifying MushMeaty Wings1
Food2Abyssal StewHorrifying MushProtoSausage1
Food2Abyssal StewHorrifying MushDiplo Chunks1
Food2Abyssal StewHorrifying MushScaly Meat1
Food2Abyssal StewHorrifying MushStrider Sausage1
Food2Abyssal StewHorrifying MushRaw Steak1
Food2Abyssal StewHorrifying MushSteamed Vegetables1
Food2Abyssal StewHorrifying MushImpulse Beans1
Food2Abyssal StewHorrifying MushSolartillo1
Food2Abyssal StewHorrifying MushJade Peas1
Food2Abyssal StewHorrifying MushNon-Toxic Mushroom1
Food2Abyssal StewHorrifying MushSievert Beans1
Food2Abyssal StewHorrifying MushSweetroot1
Food2Abyssal StewHorrifying MushPulpy Roots1
Food2Abyssal StewHypnotic EyeProcessed Meat1
Food2Abyssal StewHypnotic EyeSmoked Meat1
Food2Abyssal StewHypnotic EyeSteamed Vegetables1
Food2Abyssal StewHypnotic EyeSolartillo1
Food2Abyssal StewHypnotic EyeNon-Toxic Mushroom1
Food2Abyssal StewHypnotic EyeSievert Beans1
Food2Abyssal StewHypnotic EyeSweetroot1
Food2Abyssal StewHypnotic EyePulpy Roots1
Food4Angelic FruitcakeExtra-Fluffy BatterCrab 'Apple'1
Food4Angelic FruitcakeExtra-Fluffy BatterWriggling JamCream1
Food5Anomalous DoughnutLumpen DoughnutAnomalous Jam1
Food2Anomalous JamHexaberryProcessed Sugar0.8
Food5Anomalous TartPie CaseHexaberry1
Food5Anomalous TartPie CaseAnomalous Jam1
Food5Appalling Jam SpongeWailing BatterGrahj'amCream1
Food5Appalling Jam SpongeWailing BatterFurball JellyCream1
Food5'Apple' Cake of Lost SoulsWailing BatterCrab 'Apple'1
Food5'Apple' Cake of Lost SoulsWailing BatterWriggling JamCream1
Food5'Apple' CuriosityProto-BatterCrab 'Apple'1
Food5'Apple' CuriosityProto-BatterWriggling JamCream1
Food3'Apple' Ice CreamViscous CustardFrozen TubersCrab 'Apple'1
Food3'Apple' Ice CreamViscous CustardFrost CrystalCrab 'Apple'1
Food3'Apple' Ice CreamViscous CustardFrozen TubersWriggling Jam1
Food3'Apple' Ice CreamViscous CustardFrost CrystalWriggling Jam1
Food5Baked Cheese TartPie CaseTangy Cheese1
Food5Baked Cheese TartPie CaseProtoCheese1
Food1Baked EggsLarval Core0.4
Food1Baked EggsCreature Egg0.4
Food1Baked EggsTall Eggs0.4
Food1Baked EggsGiant Egg0.4
Food1Bittersweet CocoaImpulse Beans0.7
Bait1Bloody OrganOffal SacMordite0
Bait1Bloody OrganFeline LiverMordite0
Food5Briney DelightCake BatterSalty Custard1
Food3Briney RimeSalty CustardFrozen Tubers1
Food3Briney RimeSalty CustardFrost Crystal1
Food4Burning Jam FlufferExtra-Fluffy BatterEver-burning JamCream1
Food4Burning Jam SurpriseWrithing, Roiling BatterEver-burning JamCream1
Food2Cactus JellyCactus NectarProcessed Sugar0.8
Food1Cactus NectarCactus Flesh0.4
Food4Cake BatterSweetened ButterRefined FlourCreature Egg0.4
Food4Cake BatterHoney ButterRefined FlourCreature Egg0.4
Food4Cake BatterSweetened ButterRefined FlourTall Eggs0.4
Food4Cake BatterHoney ButterRefined FlourTall Eggs0.4
Food4Cake BatterSweetened ButterRefined FlourGiant Egg0.4
Food4Cake BatterHoney ButterRefined FlourGiant Egg0.4
Food5Cake of Burning DreadWailing BatterEver-burning JamCream1
Food5Cake of GlassWailing BatterAnomalous JamCream1
Food4Cake of SinWrithing, Roiling BatterCrab 'Apple'1
Food4Cake of SinWrithing, Roiling BatterWriggling JamCream1
Food4Cake of the LostWrithing, Roiling BatterViscous Custard1
Food4Cake of the LostWrithing, Roiling BatterSalty Custard1
Food4Cake of the LostWrithing, Roiling BatterMonstrous Custard1
Food4Cake of the LostWrithing, Roiling BatterStellar Custard1
Food5Caramel CuriosityProto-BatterCrunchy Caramel1
Food5Caramel DoughnutLumpen DoughnutCrunchy Caramel1
Food3Caramel Ice CreamViscous CustardFrozen TubersCrunchy Caramel1
Food3Caramel Ice CreamViscous CustardFrost CrystalCrunchy Caramel1
Food5Caramel TartPie CaseCrunchy Caramel1
Food5Caramel-Encrusted CakeCake BatterCrunchy Caramel1
Food4Caramelised NightmareWrithing, Roiling BatterCrunchy Caramel1
Food4Cheese-and-Flesh StewMystery Meat StewPartially-Liquid Cheese1
Food5Cheesy Vegetable PiePie CaseTangy CheeseSolartillo1
Food5Cheesy Vegetable PiePie CaseTangy CheeseJade Peas1
Food5Cheesy Vegetable PiePie CaseTangy CheeseSievert Beans1
Food5Cheesy Vegetable PiePie CaseTangy CheesePulpy Roots1
Food5Cheesy Vegetable PiePie CaseTangy CheeseAloe Flesh1
Food5Cheesy Vegetable PiePie CaseProtoCheeseSolartillo1
Food5Cheesy Vegetable PiePie CaseProtoCheeseJade Peas1
Food5Cheesy Vegetable PiePie CaseProtoCheeseSievert Beans1
Food5Cheesy Vegetable PiePie CaseProtoCheesePulpy Roots1
Food5Cheesy Vegetable PiePie CaseProtoCheeseAloe Flesh1
Food5Chewy Organ PiePie CaseOffal Sac1
Food5Chewy Organ PiePie CaseFeline Liver1
Food5Chocolate CakeCake BatterBittersweet Cocoa1
Food5Chocolate CuriosityProto-BatterBittersweet Cocoa1
Food4Chocolate DreamExtra-Fluffy BatterBittersweet Cocoa1
Food3Chocolate Ice CreamViscous CustardFrozen TubersBittersweet Cocoa1
Food3Chocolate Ice CreamViscous CustardFrost CrystalBittersweet Cocoa1
Food5Choking Monstrosity CakeWailing BatterCactus Nectar1
Food5Choking Monstrosity CakeWailing BatterCactus JellyCream1
Food2Churned ButterCream0.5
Food3Clarified OilChurned ButterChurned Butter0.5
Food3Clarified OilChurned ButterProto-Butter0.5
Food5Cocoa DoughnutLumpen DoughnutBittersweet Cocoa1
Food5Cocoa TartPie CaseBittersweet Cocoa1
Food1CreamFresh Milk0.5
Food1CreamWild Milk0.5
Food5Cream BunsCake BatterCream1
Food5Cream CuriosityProto-BatterCream1
Food3Cream of Vegetable SoupFibrous StewCreamy Sauce1
Food3Creamed Organ SoupStewed OrgansCreamy Sauce1
Food2Creamy SauceCreamCream0.7
Food2Creamy SauceCreamProto-Cream0.7
Food2Creamy SauceProto-CreamProto-Cream0.7
Food5Creamy TreatPie CaseCream1
Bait1Creature PelletsCarbon0
Food2Crunchy CaramelProcessed SugarSalt0.6
Food2Crunchy CaramelRoot Juice0.6
Food5Custard CuriosityProto-BatterViscous Custard1
Food5Custard DoughnutLumpen DoughnutViscous Custard1
Food5Custard FancyCake BatterViscous Custard1
Food5Custard TartPie CaseViscous Custard1
Food5Custard TartPie CaseSalty Custard1
Food3Deathly-Cold Ice CreamMonstrous CustardFrozen Tubers1
Food3Deathly-Cold Ice CreamMonstrous CustardFrost Crystal1
Food2Delicate MeringueLarval CoreProcessed Sugar0.7
Food2Delicate MeringueCreature EggProcessed Sugar0.7
Food2Delicate MeringueTall EggsProcessed Sugar0.7
Food2Delicate MeringueGiant EggProcessed Sugar0.7
Food3Delicious Vegetable StewFibrous StewFlavoursome Sauce1
Food3Devilled OrgansStewed OrgansScorching Sauce1
Food5Doomed Cream CakeWailing BatterCream1
Food2DoughRefined FlourWild Yeast0.5
Bait1Enzyme FluidPulpy RootsFaecium0
Bait1Enzyme FluidFungal MouldFaecium0
Bait1Enzyme FluidFrozen TubersFaecium0
Bait1Enzyme FluidImpulse BeansFaecium0
Bait2Enzyme FluidNon-Toxic MushroomFaecium0
Bait2Enzyme FluidSolartilloFaecium0
Bait2Enzyme FluidCactus NectarFaecium0
Food5Esophageal SurpriseCake BatterCactus Nectar1
Food5Esophageal SurpriseCake BatterCactus JellyCream1
Food5Ever-Boiling CakeCake BatterEver-burning JamCream1
Food2Ever-burning JamFireberryProcessed Sugar0.8
Food3Extra-Fluffy BatterDelicate MeringueRefined FlourCreature Egg0.4
Food3Extra-Fluffy BatterDelicate MeringueRefined FlourTall Eggs0.4
Food3Extra-Fluffy BatterDelicate MeringueRefined FlourGiant Egg0.4
Food4Extra-Fluffy Cream CakeExtra-Fluffy BatterCream1
Bait1Fermented FruitPilgrimberryFaecium0
Bait1Fermented FruitFireberryFaecium0
Bait1Fermented FruitGrahberryFaecium0
Bait1Fermented FruitHexaberryFaecium0
Bait1Fermented FruitSweetrootFaecium0
Bait1Fermented FruitMarrow BulbFaecium0
Bait1Fermented FruitStar BulbFaecium0
Bait1Fermented FruitCactus FleshFaecium0
Food1Fibrous StewImpulse BeansImpulse Beans0.8
Food1Fibrous StewImpulse BeansJade Peas0.8
Food1Fibrous StewImpulse BeansSweetroot0.8
Food1Fibrous StewImpulse BeansPulpy Roots0.8
Food1Fibrous StewJade PeasJade Peas0.8
Food1Fibrous StewJade PeasSweetroot0.8
Food1Fibrous StewJade PeasPulpy Roots0.8
Food1Fibrous StewSweetrootSweetroot0.8
Food1Fibrous StewSweetrootPulpy Roots0.8
Food1Fibrous StewPulpy RootsPulpy Roots0.8
Food2Fibrous StewSteamed VegetablesImpulse Beans0.8
Food2Fibrous StewSteamed VegetablesSolartillo0.8
Food2Fibrous StewSteamed VegetablesJade Peas0.8
Food2Fibrous StewSteamed VegetablesNon-Toxic Mushroom0.8
Food2Fibrous StewSteamed VegetablesSievert Beans0.8
Food2Fibrous StewSteamed VegetablesSweetroot0.8
Food2Fibrous StewSteamed VegetablesPulpy Roots0.8
Food2Fibrous StewImpulse BeansSolartillo0.8
Food2Fibrous StewImpulse BeansNon-Toxic Mushroom0.8
Food2Fibrous StewImpulse BeansSievert Beans0.8
Food2Fibrous StewSolartilloSolartillo0.8
Food2Fibrous StewSolartilloJade Peas0.8
Food2Fibrous StewSolartilloNon-Toxic Mushroom0.8
Food2Fibrous StewSolartilloSievert Beans0.8
Food2Fibrous StewSolartilloSweetroot0.8
Food2Fibrous StewSolartilloPulpy Roots0.8
Food2Fibrous StewJade PeasNon-Toxic Mushroom0.8
Food2Fibrous StewJade PeasSievert Beans0.8
Food2Fibrous StewNon-Toxic MushroomNon-Toxic Mushroom0.8
Food2Fibrous StewNon-Toxic MushroomSievert Beans0.8
Food2Fibrous StewNon-Toxic MushroomSweetroot0.8
Food2Fibrous StewNon-Toxic MushroomPulpy Roots0.8
Food2Fibrous StewSievert BeansSievert Beans0.8
Food2Fibrous StewSievert BeansSweetroot0.8
Food2Fibrous StewSievert BeansPulpy Roots0.8
Food3Fiery Vegetable StewFibrous StewScorching Sauce1
Food1Fire WaterFireberry0.7
Food5Fish PiePie CaseSalty Fingers0.8
Food3Flavoursome OrgansStewed OrgansFlavoursome Sauce1
Food2Flavoursome SauceRoot JuiceSteamed Vegetables0.7
Food2Flavoursome SauceSteamed VegetablesSteamed Vegetables0.7
Food4Fluffy Caramel DelightExtra-Fluffy BatterCrunchy Caramel1
Food4Fluffy ThroatripperWrithing, Roiling BatterCactus Nectar1
Food4Fluffy ThroatripperWrithing, Roiling BatterCactus JellyCream1
Food3Fruity Ice CreamViscous CustardFrozen TubersCactus Jelly1
Food3Fruity Ice CreamViscous CustardFrost CrystalCactus Jelly1
Food3Fruity Ice CreamViscous CustardFrozen TubersFurball Jelly1
Food3Fruity Ice CreamViscous CustardFrost CrystalFurball Jelly1
Food3Fruity Ice CreamViscous CustardFrozen TubersCactus Nectar1
Food3Fruity Ice CreamViscous CustardFrost CrystalCactus Nectar1
Food3Fruity Ice CreamViscous CustardFrozen TubersLeopard-Fruit1
Food3Fruity Ice CreamViscous CustardFrost CrystalLeopard-Fruit1
Food3Fruity Ice CreamViscous CustardFrozen TubersSweetroot1
Food3Fruity Ice CreamViscous CustardFrost CrystalSweetroot1
Food3Fruity Ice CreamViscous CustardFrozen TubersPilgrimberry1
Food3Fruity Ice CreamViscous CustardFrost CrystalPilgrimberry1
Food5Fruity PuddingPie CasePilgrimberry1
Food5Fruity PuddingPie CaseGrahberry1
Food5Fungal TartPie CaseNon-Toxic Mushroom1
Food2Furball JellyLeopard-FruitProcessed Sugar0.8
Food1Glass GrainsFrost Crystal0.4
Food5Glittering Honey CakeCake BatterSynthetic Honey1
Food5Glowing PiePie CaseFireberry1
Food5Glowing PiePie CaseSolartillo1
Food5Glowing PiePie CaseSievert Beans1
Food5Glowing PiePie CaseEver-burning Jam1
Food3Gooey ButterChurned ButterSticky 'Honey'0.8
Food5Gooey Caramel CakeThick, Sweet BatterCrunchy Caramel1
Food5Gooey Chocolate CakeThick, Sweet BatterBittersweet Cocoa1
Food5Gooey Custard FancyThick, Sweet BatterViscous Custard1
Food5Gooey Fruit SurpriseThick, Sweet BatterCrab 'Apple'1
Food5Gooey Fruit SurpriseThick, Sweet BatterWriggling JamCream1
Food4Gooey Honey PuffExtra-Fluffy BatterSticky 'Honey'1
Food4Gooey Honey PuffExtra-Fluffy BatterGooey Butter1
Food5Gooey MouthburnerThick, Sweet BatterEver-burning JamCream1
Food3Gooey ProtoButterProto-ButterSticky 'Honey'0.6
Food5Gooey ProtoDoughnutLumpen DoughnutGooey ProtoButter1
Food5Gooey ScreamerThick, Sweet BatterMonstrous Custard1
Food5Gooey ScreamerWailing BatterSticky 'Honey'1
Food5Gooey ScreamerWailing BatterGooey Butter1
Food2Grahj'amGrahberryProcessed Sugar0.8
Bait1Ground MeatProtoSausageMordite0
Bait1Ground MeatDiplo ChunksMordite0
Bait1Ground MeatScaly MeatMordite0
Bait1Ground MeatRaw SteakMordite0
Bait1Ground MeatMeaty ChunksMordite0
Food5Haunted Chocolate DreamsWailing BatterBittersweet Cocoa1
Food5Haunted PiePie CaseFiendish Roe1
Food3Herb-Encrusted FleshMystery Meat StewFlavoursome Sauce1
Food5High-Fibre PiePie CaseSteamed Vegetables0.8
Food5High-Fibre PiePie CaseJade Peas0.8
Food3Honey ButterChurned ButterSynthetic Honey0.6
Food5Honey DoughnutLumpen DoughnutSynthetic Honey1
Food3Honey Ice CreamViscous CustardFrozen TubersSynthetic Honey1
Food3Honey Ice CreamViscous CustardFrost CrystalSynthetic Honey1
Food3Honey Ice CreamViscous CustardFrozen TubersSticky 'Honey'1
Food3Honey Ice CreamViscous CustardFrost CrystalSticky 'Honey'1
Food5Honey TartPie CaseSticky 'Honey'1
Food5Honey TartPie CaseSynthetic Honey1
Food5Honeybutter DoughnutLumpen DoughnutSweetened Butter1
Food5Honeybutter DoughnutLumpen DoughnutSweetened Proto-Butter1
Food5Honeybutter DoughnutLumpen DoughnutHoney Butter1
Food5Honeybutter DoughnutLumpen DoughnutHonied Proto-Butter1
Food5Honey-Soaked FancyThick, Sweet BatterSynthetic Honey1
Food4Honied Angel CakeExtra-Fluffy BatterSynthetic Honey1
Food3Honied Proto-ButterProto-ButterSynthetic Honey0.8
Food5Honied Proto-CakeProto-BatterSynthetic Honey1
Food5Honied Throat-StickerThick, Sweet BatterCactus Nectar1
Food5Honied Throat-StickerThick, Sweet BatterCactus JellyCream1
Food1Horrifying MushHypnotic Eye1
Food5Horrifying, Gooey DelightCake BatterMonstrous Custard1
Food5Horrifying, Gooey DelightProto-BatterMonstrous Custard1
Food5Horrifying, Gooey DelightWailing BatterViscous Custard1
Food5Horrifying, Gooey DelightWailing BatterSalty Custard1
Food5Horrifying, Gooey DelightWailing BatterMonstrous Custard1
Food5Horrifying, Gooey DelightWailing BatterStellar Custard1
Food3Ice CreamViscous CustardFrozen Tubers1
Food3Ice CreamViscous CustardFrost Crystal1
Food1Iced ScreamsHypnotic EyeFrozen Tubers1
Food1Iced ScreamsHypnotic EyeFrost Crystal1
Food2Iced ScreamsHorrifying MushFrozen Tubers1
Food2Iced ScreamsHorrifying MushFrost Crystal1
Food5Interstellar CuriosityProto-BatterStellar Custard1
Food5Interstellar FancyCake BatterStellar Custard1
Food4Itching, Creeping Honey SpongeWrithing, Roiling BatterSticky 'Honey'1
Food4Itching, Creeping Honey SpongeWrithing, Roiling BatterGooey Butter1
Food5Jam CuriosityProto-BatterGrahj'amCream1
Food5Jam CuriosityProto-BatterFurball JellyCream1
Food5Jam DoughnutLumpen DoughnutEver-burning Jam1
Food5Jam DoughnutLumpen DoughnutGrahj'am1
Food5Jam DoughnutLumpen DoughnutCactus Jelly1
Food5Jam DoughnutLumpen DoughnutFurball Jelly1
Food4Jam FlufferExtra-Fluffy BatterGrahj'amCream1
Food4Jam FlufferExtra-Fluffy BatterFurball JellyCream1
Food5Jam OozersThick, Sweet BatterGrahj'amCream1
Food5Jam OozersThick, Sweet BatterFurball JellyCream1
Food5Jam TartPie CaseGrahj'am1
Food5Jam TartPie CaseCactus Jelly1
Food5Jellied Fur TartPie CaseLeopard-Fruit1
Food5Jellied Fur TartPie CaseFurball Jelly1
Food1Kelp RiceKelp Sac0.4
Food5'Legs-in-Pastry'Pie CaseLeg Meat1
Food4Lumpen DoughnutClarified OilDoughProcessed Sugar0.7
Food1Marrow FleshMarrow Bulb0.4
Food1Meat FlakesMordite0.3
Food1Meaty ChunksMeat Flakes0.2
Food2Monstrous CustardLarval CoreCreamProcessed Sugar1
Food5Monstrous DoughnutLumpen DoughnutMonstrous Custard1
Food5Monstrous Honey CakeWailing BatterSynthetic Honey1
Food5Most Curious CakeProto-BatterSticky 'Honey'1
Food5Most Curious CakeProto-BatterGooey Butter1
Food5Mushed Root PiePie CaseSweetroot1
Food5Mystery Meat PiePie CaseMeaty Chunks0.8
Food5Mystery Meat PiePie CaseProcessed Meat0.8
Food5Mystery Meat PiePie CaseMeaty Wings0.8
Food5Mystery Meat PiePie CaseDiplo Chunks0.8
Food5Mystery Meat PiePie CaseScaly Meat0.8
Food5Mystery Meat PiePie CaseStrider Sausage0.8
Food5Mystery Meat PiePie CaseRaw Steak0.8
Food1Mystery Meat StewMeaty ChunksMeaty Chunks0.8
Food1Mystery Meat StewMeaty WingsMeaty Wings0.8
Food1Mystery Meat StewMeaty WingsMeaty Chunks0.8
Food1Mystery Meat StewMeaty WingsProtoSausage0.8
Food1Mystery Meat StewMeaty WingsDiplo Chunks0.8
Food1Mystery Meat StewMeaty WingsScaly Meat0.8
Food1Mystery Meat StewMeaty WingsStrider Sausage0.8
Food1Mystery Meat StewMeaty WingsRaw Steak0.8
Food1Mystery Meat StewProtoSausageMeaty Chunks0.8
Food1Mystery Meat StewProtoSausageDiplo Chunks0.8
Food1Mystery Meat StewProtoSausageScaly Meat0.8
Food1Mystery Meat StewProtoSausageStrider Sausage0.8
Food1Mystery Meat StewProtoSausageRaw Steak0.8
Food1Mystery Meat StewDiplo ChunksDiplo Chunks0.8
Food1Mystery Meat StewDiplo ChunksMeaty Chunks0.8
Food1Mystery Meat StewScaly MeatMeaty Chunks0.8
Food1Mystery Meat StewScaly MeatStrider Sausage0.8
Food1Mystery Meat StewScaly MeatRaw Steak0.8
Food1Mystery Meat StewStrider SausageStrider Sausage0.8
Food1Mystery Meat StewStrider SausageMeaty Chunks0.8
Food1Mystery Meat StewStrider SausageRaw Steak0.8
Food1Mystery Meat StewRaw SteakRaw Steak0.8
Food1Mystery Meat StewRaw SteakMeaty Chunks0.8
Food2Mystery Meat StewProcessed MeatProcessed Meat0.8
Food2Mystery Meat StewSmoked MeatProcessed Meat0.8
Food2Mystery Meat StewSmoked MeatSmoked Meat0.8
Food2Mystery Meat StewMeaty ChunksProcessed Meat0.8
Food2Mystery Meat StewMeaty ChunksSmoked Meat0.8
Food2Mystery Meat StewMeaty WingsProcessed Meat0.8
Food2Mystery Meat StewMeaty WingsSmoked Meat0.8
Food2Mystery Meat StewProtoSausageProcessed Meat0.8
Food2Mystery Meat StewProtoSausageSmoked Meat0.8
Food2Mystery Meat StewDiplo ChunksProcessed Meat0.8
Food2Mystery Meat StewDiplo ChunksSmoked Meat0.8
Food2Mystery Meat StewDiplo ChunksScaly Meat0.8
Food2Mystery Meat StewDiplo ChunksStrider Sausage0.8
Food2Mystery Meat StewDiplo ChunksRaw Steak0.8
Food2Mystery Meat StewScaly MeatScaly Meat0.8
Food2Mystery Meat StewScaly MeatProcessed Meat0.8
Food2Mystery Meat StewScaly MeatSmoked Meat0.8
Food2Mystery Meat StewStrider SausageProcessed Meat0.8
Food2Mystery Meat StewStrider SausageSmoked Meat0.8
Food2Mystery Meat StewRaw SteakProcessed Meat0.8
Food2Mystery Meat StewRaw SteakSmoked Meat0.8
Food1Non-Toxic MushroomFungal Mould0.4
Food3OmeletteCreature EggTangy Cheese0.65
Food3OmeletteTall EggsTangy Cheese0.65
Food3OmeletteGiant EggTangy Cheese0.65
Food3Parasitic OmeletteLarval CoreProtoCheese0.65
Food3Partially-Liquid CheeseCreamTangy Cheese0.7
Food3Partially-Liquid CheeseCreamProtoCheese0.7
Food3Partially-Liquid CheeseProto-CreamTangy Cheese0.7
Food3Partially-Liquid CheeseProto-CreamProtoCheese0.7
Food3PastryRefined FlourChurned Butter0.5
Food3PastryRefined FlourProto-Butter0.5
Food5Perpetual CakeCake BatterAnomalous JamCream1
Food5Perpetual HoneycakeThick, Sweet BatterAnomalous JamCream1
Food3Perpetual Ice CreamViscous CustardFrozen TubersHexaberry1
Food3Perpetual Ice CreamViscous CustardFrost CrystalHexaberry1
Food3Perpetual Ice CreamViscous CustardFrozen TubersAnomalous Jam1
Food3Perpetual Ice CreamViscous CustardFrost CrystalAnomalous Jam1
Food4Perpetual Jam FlufferExtra-Fluffy BatterAnomalous JamCream1
Bait2Pheromone SacScented HerbsMordite0
Bait2Pheromone SacEnzyme FluidMordite0
Food4Pie CasePastry0.5
Food1PilgrimberryStar Bulb0.4
Food2Pilgrim's TonicPilgrimberry0.7
Food5Prickly CuriosityProto-BatterCactus Nectar1
Food5Prickly CuriosityProto-BatterCactus JellyCream1
Food1Processed MeatMeaty Chunks0.5
Food1Processed MeatMeaty Wings0.5
Food1Processed MeatFiendish Roe0.5
Food1Processed MeatOffal Sac0.5
Food1Processed MeatProtoSausage0.5
Food1Processed MeatDiplo Chunks0.5
Food1Processed MeatScaly Meat0.5
Food1Processed MeatFeline Liver0.5
Food1Processed MeatStrider Sausage0.5
Food1Processed MeatRaw Steak0.5
Food1Processed MeatLeg Meat0.5
Food1Processed SugarGrahberry0.5
Food1Processed SugarSweetroot0.5
Food2Processed SugarCactus Nectar0.5
Food5Proteinous DoughnutLumpen DoughnutMeaty Chunks1
Food4Proto-BatterSweetened Proto-ButterRefined FlourCreature Egg0.4
Food4Proto-BatterHonied Proto-ButterRefined FlourCreature Egg0.4
Food4Proto-BatterSweetened Proto-ButterRefined FlourTall Eggs0.4
Food4Proto-BatterHonied Proto-ButterRefined FlourTall Eggs0.4
Food4Proto-BatterSweetened Proto-ButterRefined FlourGiant Egg0.4
Food4Proto-BatterHonied Proto-ButterRefined FlourGiant Egg0.4
Food4Proto-BeignetProto-OilDoughProcessed Sugar0.8
Food1Proto-CreamWarm Proto-Milk0.6
Food3Proto-OmeletteCreature EggProtoCheese0.65
Food3Proto-OmeletteTall EggsProtoCheese0.65
Food3Proto-OmeletteGiant EggProtoCheese0.65
Food5Proto-Sausage PiePie CaseProtoSausage1
Food5Questionably Sweet CakeCake BatterSticky 'Honey'1
Food5Questionably Sweet CakeCake BatterGooey Butter1
Food5Questionably Sweet CakeThick, Sweet BatterSticky 'Honey'1
Food5Questionably Sweet CakeThick, Sweet BatterGooey Butter1
Food1Refined FlourHeptaploid Wheat0.5
Food2Refined FlourGlass Grains0.5
Food2Refined FlourKelp Rice0.5
Food1Refreshing DrinkAloe Flesh0.7
Food1Root JuicePulpy Roots0.6
Food5Salt-Laced Honey CakeThick, Sweet BatterSalty Custard1
Food2Salty CustardSaltCreamProcessed Sugar1
Food5Salty DoughnutLumpen DoughnutSalty Custard1
Food5Salty SurpriseProto-BatterSalty Custard1
Bait1Scented HerbsHeptaploid WheatFaecium0
Bait1Scented HerbsGamma RootFaecium0
Bait1Scented HerbsAloe FleshFaecium0
Bait1Scented HerbsSolaniumFaecium0
Bait1Scented HerbsFrost CrystalFaecium0
Bait1Scented HerbsJade PeasFaecium0
Bait2Scented HerbsGlass GrainsFaecium0
Bait2Scented HerbsSievert BeansFaecium0
Food2Scorching SauceFire WaterFire Water0.7
Food2Scorching SauceFire WaterFireberry0.7
Food2Scorching SauceFire WaterSolartillo0.7
Food2Scorching SauceFire WaterSievert Beans0.7
Food2Scorching SauceFire WaterGrahberry0.7
Food2Scorching SauceRoot JuiceFireberry0.7
Food2Scorching SauceRoot JuiceSolartillo0.7
Food2Scorching SauceRoot JuiceSievert Beans0.7
Food2Scorching SauceRoot JuiceGrahberry0.7
Food1Sievert BeansGamma Root0.4
Food1Silicon EggChromatic Metal0.4
Food1Smoked MeatMeaty ChunksCarbon0.5
Food1Smoked MeatMeaty ChunksCondensed Carbon0.5
Food1Smoked MeatMeaty WingsCarbon0.5
Food1Smoked MeatFiendish RoeCarbon0.5
Food1Smoked MeatOffal SacCarbon0.5
Food1Smoked MeatProtoSausageCarbon0.5
Food1Smoked MeatDiplo ChunksCarbon0.5
Food1Smoked MeatScaly MeatCarbon0.5
Food1Smoked MeatFeline LiverCarbon0.5
Food1Smoked MeatStrider SausageCarbon0.5
Food1Smoked MeatRaw SteakCarbon0.5
Food1Smoked MeatLeg MeatCarbon0.5
Food1Smoked MeatMeaty WingsCondensed Carbon0.5
Food1Smoked MeatFiendish RoeCondensed Carbon0.5
Food1Smoked MeatOffal SacCondensed Carbon0.5
Food1Smoked MeatProtoSausageCondensed Carbon0.5
Food1Smoked MeatDiplo ChunksCondensed Carbon0.5
Food1Smoked MeatScaly MeatCondensed Carbon0.5
Food1Smoked MeatFeline LiverCondensed Carbon0.5
Food1Smoked MeatStrider SausageCondensed Carbon0.5
Food1Smoked MeatRaw SteakCondensed Carbon0.5
Food1Smoked MeatLeg MeatCondensed Carbon0.5
Food2Smoked MeatProcessed MeatCarbon0.5
Food2Smoked MeatProcessed MeatCondensed Carbon0.5
Food5Smokey Meat PiePie CaseSmoked Meat0.8
Food4Soft and Spiky SurpriseExtra-Fluffy BatterCactus Nectar1
Food4Soft and Spiky SurpriseExtra-Fluffy BatterCactus JellyCream1
Food4Soft Custard FancyExtra-Fluffy BatterViscous Custard1
Food4Soft Custard FancyExtra-Fluffy BatterSalty Custard1
Food4Soft Custard FancyExtra-Fluffy BatterMonstrous Custard1
Food4Soft Custard FancyExtra-Fluffy BatterStellar Custard1
Food5Solidified Grease PiePie CaseRegis Grease1
Food5Solidified Grease PiePie CaseClarified Oil1
Food5Solidified Grease PiePie CaseProto-Oil1
Food5Spiced 'Apple' CakeCake BatterCrab 'Apple'1
Food5Spiced 'Apple' CakeCake BatterWriggling JamCream1
Food3Spiced IceViscous CustardFrozen TubersEver-burning Jam1
Food3Spiced IceViscous CustardFrost CrystalEver-burning Jam1
Food3Spiced IceViscous CustardFrozen TubersFireberry1
Food3Spiced IceViscous CustardFrost CrystalFireberry1
Food3Spicy FleshballsMystery Meat StewScorching Sauce1
Food5Spikey TartPie CaseAloe Flesh1
Food5Spikey TartPie CaseCactus Nectar1
Food5Starbirth DelightThick, Sweet BatterStellar Custard1
Food5Startling FancyProto-BatterEver-burning JamCream1
Food1Steamed VegetablesFrozen Tubers0.5
Food1Steamed VegetablesJade Peas0.5
Food1Steamed VegetablesHexaberry0.5
Food2Steamed VegetablesSolartillo0.5
Food2Steamed VegetablesNon-Toxic Mushroom0.5
Food2Steamed VegetablesSievert Beans0.5
Food2Steamed VegetablesMarrow Flesh0.5
Food2Stellar CustardSilicon EggCreamProcessed Sugar1
Food5Stellar Custard TartPie CaseStellar Custard1
Food3Stellar Ice CreamStellar CustardFrozen Tubers1
Food3Stellar Ice CreamStellar CustardFrost Crystal1
Food1Stewed OrgansOffal SacOffal Sac0.65
Food1Stewed OrgansFeline LiverFeline Liver0.65
Food1Stewed OrgansOffal SacFeline Liver0.65
Food5Sweet Cream DreamsThick, Sweet BatterCream1
Food3Sweetened ButterChurned ButterProcessed Sugar0.6
Bait2Sweetened CompostFermented FruitFaecium0
Bait3Sweetened CompostScented HerbsFaecium0
Bait3Sweetened CompostEnzyme FluidFaecium0
Food3Sweetened Proto-ButterProto-ButterProcessed Sugar0.8
Food1Synthetic HoneySticky 'Honey'0.5
Bait1Synthetic WormsLeg MeatMordite0
Bait2Synthetic WormsCarbon NanotubesMordite0
Food2Tangy CheeseCream0.6
Food4Tangy Organ SurpriseStewed OrgansPartially-Liquid Cheese1
Food4Tangy Vegetable StewFibrous StewPartially-Liquid Cheese1
Food5The Spawning TartPie CaseMonstrous Custard1
Food5The StellaratorLumpen DoughnutStellar Custard1
Food3Thick Meat StewMystery Meat StewCreamy Sauce1
Food4Thick, Sweet BatterGooey ProtoButterRefined FlourCreature Egg0.4
Food4Thick, Sweet BatterGooey ButterRefined FlourCreature Egg0.4
Food4Thick, Sweet BatterGooey ProtoButterRefined FlourTall Eggs0.4
Food4Thick, Sweet BatterGooey ButterRefined FlourTall Eggs0.4
Food4Thick, Sweet BatterGooey ProtoButterRefined FlourGiant Egg0.4
Food4Thick, Sweet BatterGooey ButterRefined FlourGiant Egg0.4
Food4Tortured Honey CakeWrithing, Roiling BatterSynthetic Honey1
Food5Traditional CakeCake BatterGrahj'amCream1
Food5Traditional CakeCake BatterFurball JellyCream1
Food4Unbound Cream HornWrithing, Roiling BatterCream1
Food4Unbound MonstrosityWrithing, Roiling BatterAnomalous JamCream1
Food5Unsolvable Jam TurnoverProto-BatterAnomalous JamCream1
Food2Viscous CustardCreature EggCreamProcessed Sugar0.7
Food2Viscous CustardTall EggsCreamProcessed Sugar0.7
Food2Viscous CustardGiant EggCreamProcessed Sugar0.7
Food4Volatile Chocolate FancyWrithing, Roiling BatterBittersweet Cocoa1
Food3Vy'ice CreamViscous CustardFrozen TubersGrahberry1
Food3Vy'ice CreamViscous CustardFrost CrystalGrahberry1
Food3Vy'ice CreamViscous CustardFrozen TubersGrahj'am1
Food3Vy'ice CreamViscous CustardFrost CrystalGrahj'am1
Food4Wailing BatterSweetened ButterRefined FlourLarval Core0.4
Food4Wailing BatterSweetened Proto-ButterRefined FlourLarval Core0.4
Food4Wailing BatterHoney ButterRefined FlourLarval Core0.4
Food4Wailing BatterHonied Proto-ButterRefined FlourLarval Core0.4
Food4Wailing BatterGooey ProtoButterRefined FlourLarval Core0.4
Food4Wailing BatterGooey ButterRefined FlourLarval Core0.4
Food5Wailing Caramel CakeWailing BatterCrunchy Caramel1
Food3Whispering OmeletteLarval CoreTangy Cheese0.65
Food1Wild YeastWild Yeast0.4
Food1Wild YeastFaecium0.4
Food5Wriggling DoughnutLumpen DoughnutWriggling Jam1
Food2Wriggling JamCrab 'Apple'Processed Sugar0.8
Food5Wriggling TartPie CaseCrab 'Apple'1
Food5Wriggling TartPie CaseWriggling Jam1
Food4Writhing Jam PuffWrithing, Roiling BatterGrahj'amCream1
Food4Writhing Jam PuffWrithing, Roiling BatterFurball JellyCream1
Food3Writhing, Roiling BatterDelicate MeringueRefined FlourLarval Core0.4

51 thoughts on “Cooking Recipe List | Hell’s Kitchen | No Man’s Sky Beyond”

  1. Hi Xaine. Could you please make the text a bit darker? My eyes aren’t the best anymore and it’s not easy to read for me the way it currently is.

    1. Xaine

      Sorry it took me what i now see is a month, but i found where to sort it now, so every table created should now be a thicker font

  2. Amazing work, but…This has put me off the whole cooking/farming thing, which is a shame as i was really looking forward to it. The have to increase all tier recipe payouts by 2000% to even make it worth all the headaches. 👍

    1. that is exactly how I feel, I just got the nutrient processor and was excited to see what I ca make but when I saw the recipes my excitement turned to dread… no way im going to even try to find some of these things, plus take the insane measures to get them. i have never even seen 99% of them lol.

  3. Cooking is absolutely a fascinating aspect of crafting for them to add into the game, but it does need some more time in the development oven before it’s cooked all the way through.

  4. pastorbadger


    The list says you make Tangy Cheese with Cream only. Cream only makes Churned Butter. Anyone know what the missing ingredient is?

    1. Xaine

      Thank you for pointing this out, I believe it is a bug/oversight in the coding, 1 recipe with 2 outputs, I expect it will be patched at some point

  5. Xaine, would you mind adding a download link to the list? Perhaps a small chart, and maybe something similar to a pdf, so we would be able to have all of the recipes open at once, divided into the sections and categories you set, and still use a search feature? A small chart similar to the one in your video would be wonderful; idk how you have made the list, or if this would be a hassle at all; my apologies if this is a difficult request.
    Thank you

  6. LadyDarkSorrow

    Hi, I follow close but, seem to be missing 3, find Salty Doughnut, I’m Missing, The Stellarator. also
    Mystery Meat Pie, I’m Missing, High Fibre Pie. Last one, Monstrous Honey Cake, I’m Missing, End of page. if anyone could help me find the 3 I’m missing..

      1. LadyDarkSorrow

        missing means, I haven’t unlocked them, I was hoping, could you check and give me the names of the ones I haven’t unlocked ? 573 recipes is little hard to go through only to find the 3 I still need

  7. VitaminArrr

    So… I think Pie Case is Tier 3, not Tier 4. It only requires two ingredients, which are both Tier 2.

    Great job on the site and videos BTW. I wish HG would hire some folks like you to be testers for a month before they launch these things.

    1. Xaine

      Thank you for noting, I messed up on that one, I didn’t use a formula to sort them via their tier, I did it manually, so potential for a mess up is there.

      And thank you again 🙂 glad you like the site and vids 🙂

  8. CheapTactics

    It’s really hard to read anything with this extra thin font. Maybe consider changing it? Can’t see a thing.

    1. Xaine

      Thank you for the feedback, currently trying to find out how to alter in table defaults, will see if i can alter the font weight for all tables

  9. What am I missing here, trying to make cheese but all I ever get with cream is butter, what’s the deal, leaving it in the cooker over night?

    1. Xaine

      Nice one! they’d adjusted the recipes in the recent update, so ill be updating the list to reflect the cheese and i think 3 others that were changed

  10. magnifіϲent issues altogether, you just received a
    new reader. Ꮃhat may you suggest in regarԁs to your put up
    thаt үou јust made some days in the past? Any positive?

  11. With patch 2.12 the Larval Core and Hypnotic Eye can be put in the Processor again (Mordite was fixed earlier). The fixed/new recipes for cheese are Wild Yeast + Cream -> Tangy Cheese, and Wild Yeast + Proto-Cream -> ProtoCheese.

  12. wolverine2710

    Found this list when looking for refiner recipes – nice util btw. New to this cooking stuff. What exactly does quality mean? On a wiki I found a similar list (not searchable though) and that one should how many nanites a certain recipe is. This is what I’m currently missing in this list. Is that possible or is that data not available – assuming you are datamining the NMS files.

    1. Xaine

      Heya bud, super happy to hear you like the site and it’s info :).

      By nanites, do you mean how much the recipe will give upon presenting to Cronus?

      If so, that is what the quality number is about. No recipe has an exact number of nanites it will receive from Cronus, so putting the nanite estimates seemed a little iffy. The quality value is a decimal, also viewed as a percentage from between 0.1 and 1, the higher it is, the more chance it has of giving the full 40 nanites.
      1 is the highest quality possible currently, so anything with a quality of 1 will give you the best chances.

      I’d recommend Salty Custard, it’s a super cheap and easy food to make that can be 100% farmed and has the highest quality rating.

  13. Thanks so much, Xaine! This list is awesome and very smoothly interactive. I’ve been working my way through each recipe with a focus on the hardest ones. Major props, man. 🙂

  14. Just a though, if you would explain each one this way, it would help with having to reverse engineer each type of ingredient
    . Pie case
    milk = cream
    cream = churned butter
    Frost crystals = glass grains
    Glass grains = refined flour
    refined flour + churned butter = pastry
    pastry = pie case

  15. Thank you so much, this must have been a bitch to put together. Although cooking isn’t really worth the effort right now, It’s still really nice to have this resource. If the bonuses like sprint boost and jet pack boost (although how food boosts your jet pack, I don’t know unless maybe it’s chili, wink wink nudge nudge) lasted longer it would be cool or if they sold for more, it would be nice. Right now it’s just a time sink but it can be fun. But really thanks a lot I have used this resource to save me a ton of time and headache.

  16. Tangy Cheese is listed as being made with 1 Cream, this is incorrect, at least currently on PS4.
    1 Cream + 1 Wild Yeast = Tangy Cheese
    1 Cream = Churned Butter
    1 Cream + ! Cream = Creamy Sauce

    1. Xaine

      Thank you for the correction, I’ll refresh the list with the current game files Asap, it appears some fixes have been added

  17. Why no mention of how much the dishes are worth?
    I get 18,800 units for 1 unit of Fiery Vegetable Stew. That seems to be worth the trouble. Would like to know what other things are worth making. So please include the item sale price in units on a column. Thanks.

    1. Xaine

      The prices, nanite amount from Chronos among a few other things have changed since this guide was made, I’ll be working on an updated version very soon.

      Previously, prices were static and very low for all dishes

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