ANTHEM | Heavy Pistols and their Masterworks Breakdown and Analysis

Heavy Pistols are largely aimed at Interceptor, but also have a place for Ranger and the very occasional Colossus, this is not about what is best, just usable as there are better options dependent on the build and play style.

Heavy Pistols are designed to hit hard, accurate and largely slow at close range.



The Barrage delivers average force, good accuracy, the highest mag size of the pistols, but the trade offs don't seem worth it to me, it's just so weak.

It's Masterwork counterpart, Close Encounter has a useful special effect which increases Weapon Damage by 75% for 10 Seconds when performing a Dash.

When a buff in Anthem targets a specific weapon, it will usually say something like "this weapon", so as it states a blanket weapon damage, it could be used as a nice way to buff other weapons damage without the need to hover.

If you want to hear about DPS, it is difficult as true DPS applicable to all situations also requires the reload time, which we just don't have due to the game files not being accessible.

But the DPS for a full clip of the barrage at standard and Power 45 is 2250, which is almost half the second best Heavy Pistol for DPS, and using the rate of fire and mag size, at maximum DPS, it would last 2.4 seconds.



Next is the Resolution, this is actually my favourite as far as just the weapon itself goes from the Heavy Pistols, it is a burst fire Heavy Pistol which deals a burst of 2 shots, this function makes DPS even more inaccurate without the Burst Fire Delay stat, which is another we don't have, without that, the DPS is by far the best at 5363 for Power 45, but this is not legitimate.

An educated guess would put a 40% decrease on that, or something close to that to see the more accurate DPS value, so 3200 or so, which puts it around midway between the Barrage and the Blastback.

My personal like for this weapon is rooted purely in satisfaction of use, it just feels good to use as it is accurate and hits rather hard, a great weapon for that slow walk headshot feel.

The Resolution's Masterwork counterpart is the Glorious Result, which increases all weapon Damage by 150% for 5 seconds after a Weakpoint Hit-Streak of 2.

This is a very useful effect and could be used in a similar fashion to the Close Encounter for buffing another’s weapon, or just permanently buffing this one to increase it's DPS by a large margin.

As it is a Burst weapon, nailing that second shot will require close quarters and some serious accuracy on anything but something like the Swarm Tyrant.

Also, it's wording of ALL weapon damage insinuates it will also buff the blast damage of grenade launchers and the Devastator Sniper Rifle, though I think standard Weapon Damage applies to those, so it could just be a different person wrote the flavour text and worded it slightly differently.



The final Heavy Pistol is the Blastback, and it is currently the big favourite among the community.

The Blastback hits hard in force and damage at a whopping 1044 as a base at Power 45, it has the lowest Rate of Fire of all the pistols at 240 rounds per minute, but is still not that much slower than the Resolution if you factor in the Burst Fire Delay.

It's effective range is 40% higher than the other Heavy Pistols at 35, it's mag size is only 9 but can be emptied in 2.3 seconds.

The Blastback's Masterwork counterpart is where it really gains it's admirers with the Avenging Herald having a 200% increase to Weapon Damage while hovering and I have heard but cannot confirm due to not being lucky enough for this to drop yet, that falling and shooting also triggers the effect, so if this is true, it essentially works provided you are not on the ground.

Also another thing that I cannot confirm, but have read in multiple places is that it stacks, so having 2 Avenging Heralds will give you 400% weapon damage while hovering.

Mixing this with Interceptor or Ranger weapon damage increases through various means, that we will of course go through in an upcoming guide, you can score insane hits with this, Khraze Mentioned a 40k weak point shot a little while ago, so yeah, it's a tad OP, I would love to know if this works with the Colossus Ultimate, you could easily get over 100k per hit to a weak point with the bare minimum of ultimate bonuses, but I'm skeptical that it would apply to that.

So to summarise for the Heavy Pistols.

The Barrage aka Close Encounter isn't particularly aptly named with low damage and DPS and a Special Effect that is near duplicated on other weapons in a superior manner.

The Resolution also known as the Glorious Result, at least, to me feels great to use and could indeed be used to great effect with it's powerful Special Effect by those capable of brilliant accuracy in getting those consistent headshots.

The Blastback aka Avenging Herald is a very powerful weapon, this is in Damage per shot, Damage per Second and it's monstrous Special Effect of 200% weapon Damage while hovering.

Used by many already in their builds, it is a fast favourite and certainly worth checking out if you intend to have a Weapon Build.