Which Javelin Should You Start With in Anthem? #AnthemGuide

When you start Anthem for the first time, you will play a short tutorial and be given a choice of all 4 Javelins and you can only choose 1 until level 8, you do not automatically have the Ranger, even though that is what you used in the Tutorial, so here's a little tour of the Javelin Types, pros and cons and what I would recommend you start with for maximum early level fun and experience gain.

My first choice for starting is the Storm, it's fun, easy to play and does insane damage from the get go.

Left is the standard Armour Set of the Storm, which is still rather badass, Right is the Legion of Dawn edition Armour Set which is even more spectacular.

The gear you start with, is very good and symbiotic with each other, the Focus Seal is Frost Shards, this does very little damage, but leaves a freeze effect on the targets,.

You get 10 shards to fire off into a group and prime them for a combo, you can then use the default Blast Seal Lightning Strike which hits an area with a Radius of 5 meters for a large amount of Electrical damage, this is good for taking down shields and also Detonates the primer.

Combo damage is a huge thing, so being able to combo from the beginning is a huge deal, If you are only going on to the Storm later on like I did at level 21, you can just use some of the starting materials to craft a common version of those Seals to your current level, even at common, they will allow you to progress in Hard Difficulty.

It takes a little getting used to, Personally, I struggle most with watching my own health and getting out of the way before they finish me off, as you will be hovering the majority of the time, your shields are better when you do so, the Storm is just made for it.

It also gives you a birds eye view of the battlefield allowing you to spit elements over almost everything without moving around pesky buildings.

A good few levels later filled with epics, I'm still using the Lightning strike and it's nice and quick, and deals great damage.

Thought I'm not a big fan of Frost Shards, they do in the beginning, I'm currently using Shock Burst to prime, it is forgiving in aim over distance and chains under the right circumstances.

The second best in my opinion for starting is the colossus.

Left is the default Armour set, rough and a tad janky in my opinion, yet on the right, the Legion of Dawn Colossus armour set just looks fantastic!

It takes damage well and with the right setup deals insane AOE (see this video to the right for the huge AOE damage build)

The very well known build utilizes a Flamethrower and Lightning Arc as your gear to prime and detonate huge groups with ease.

This gear is not default though and will require some drops before obtaining, which is why it is second.

This combo works by whacking you Lightning Arc on which will detonate, but has 10 pulses, as you get close to the enemy, then go mental flaming them all while the Arc continues to pulse and detonate everything you set on fire, killing red bars on Hard mode generally.

Be sure to go for Colossus specific Components whereever possible as they tend to have super high armor and health, which as you dont have shields, is important.

Be sure to utilize your Physical Shield with charging for groups of enemies, knocking them over stops them from firing on you and all others and if you have the melee components, will probably just kill the weaker enemies instantly.

While I do like the Ranger, I would choose Interceptor over it.

The Interceptor requires a fair bit of skill and certainly, the most getting used to.

On the left is the default Armour set, it is sleek and has the appearance of super futuristic high tech polymers while the Right, which is the Legion of Dawn Armour Set for the Interceptor looks just plain mean, the detail is fantastic and I personally run my Interceptor with the default helmet and the rest Legion of Dawn.

You are very weak as an interceptor, but super fast, and very melee focused, your starting gear will consist of some Shurikens, which do help but aren’t all that great and should be replaced with Ice or Seeking Glaive pretty quickly.

But your other gear you start with, The Venom Grenade is actually pretty sweet, it primes and you can detonate with melee, so as you come to a big group, throw the grenade in the middle, hitting for acceptable damage and priming them, then melee them all and combo them to hell.

There are better as you get more gear, but the Venom Grenades are a pretty decent start.

Be sure when using an interceptor, to utilize the dash, speed is your main and almost only advantage, be quick enough that enemies cannot lock on to you, dont take groups of 3 shielded enemies on alone, it's possible, but riskier than it needs to be.

Ranger is fun, but I lost interest with it early on when seeing how much more damage the Interceptors and Storm were doing.

On the left is the default Armour Set, bare in mind that for all of these builds shown, I have used my own custom Paint job.

The Default is nice but very standard, the Legion of Dawn armour set on the right is, as expected, far superior in detail and general look.

As far as combos go for Ranger, the best hope for it is to get a Flame Grenade gear item for your Grenade Launcher, it is actually a very strong AOE (Area of Effect) damage dealer and primer.

Using the Grenade to then detonate with a Detonator missile that hits over a radius will do you some damn fine damage, but in my opinion, it is the least fun of the 4 to play.

For a few tips, items that prime can be identified by the Dot inside a circle next to it's name in the tooltip view, and detonator looks like a hollow 4 pointed star, which is clearly supposed to be an explosion or something.

It's definitely worth comboing, it's just so satisfying and deals way more damage than otherwise.

I should note that you cant prime shielded enemies when their shield is up, the shield prevents the effect from sticking, so wont be set on fire or other such things.

In this situation, you need to get the shield down first.

This makes a grenade launcher, with sticky grenades super useful for a Colossus as you can just fire a few grenades on the shielded enemies as you run over to take the shields down then combo them with the non shielded before the shield start to regenerate.

For basic Weaponry, I won't recommend a standard weapon as everyone’s tastes are far too different, I'm currently running round with the Sledgehammer Light Machine Gun and really enjoying it but I’m far from done testing, I thoroughly enjoyed the Guardian Marksman Rifle, I like weapons with low rate of fire and high damage for accurate shooting in general.

Guide covering all weapons will come as I slowly gather enough information about the multiple levels of every weapon in the game.

There is one weapon I will always recommend however, it's specifically for Armoured Targets.

It is the Devastator Sniper Rifle, It only has 5 shots as basic, and is a charged shot, but that shot obliterates armour, it is specifically amazing for the turrets, 2-3 hits in the Weak Point of a turret from a Devastator of your level, not even a special one, will take it out.

Works just the same of Ursix and Dominion Armoured Troops and just everything that isn't shielded really, it's terrible against shields.

Another great use for the Devastator is to take out big groups of Red Bars.

They are explosive rounds, so firing into the middle of the group will hit a whole bunch of them for some extra blast damage while destroying the one hit, even hitting the ground will take most of their health down.

So, I hope that has given you a bit of understanding and helped you make your first big choice of the game.

If anyone reading this has any tips of their own that I didn't mention here please do putt’em below, others reading will benefit and I'll probably learn something new myself.

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Have a fantastic day folks