All X-Class Upgrades Compared to S-Class in No Man’s Sky

All X-Class & S-Class Technology Upgrades

No Man’s Sky Origins added a great many things, one of which is the Black Market, through which you can obtain a new classification of Procedural Technology Upgrades as well as make a whole lot of easy nanites.




Suspicious Packet Loot Tables

8 thoughts on “All X-Class Upgrades Compared to S-Class in No Man’s Sky”

  1. How certain are you on the Exosuit Shield Strength numbers? I’ve gotten a 92% and 93% boost out of a C-Class module, with the 33% Core Health boost in each.

  2. Xaine, thanks for all this work, really appreciate it. I received a X-class life support mod with no stats. Never seen or heard of this before, so no idea if it gives a secret buff or just a wanted slot. It says “UPGRADE_0_STAT_ILLEGAL_DESC.” I have a photo of it too, lmk if/where to send it.
    Thanks again!

  3. How permanent is the seed?!
    Forever the same for the individual player?
    Just static for that login session?
    It doesn’t seem to change with activities and another save, or changing space station and reloading.

  4. I don’t know if there has been a video about it or not but this list of stuff is out of date, or at least there are some things you can get X-Class Modules for now that aren’t listed here. Like Launch Thrusters.

  5. It is fifty shades of wrong. Two examples offhand:
    1. The Suspicious Packet (Weapons) table sums up to 108.7% even not accounting for the fact it misses at the very least the Suspicious Neutron Cannon module.
    2. The Analysis Visor can also have Minerals Analysis Rewards upgrade.

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