All X-Class Upgrades Compared to S-Class in No Man’s Sky

All X-Class & S-Class Technology Upgrades

No Man’s Sky Origins added a great many things, one of which is the Black Market, through which you can obtain a new classification of Procedural Technology Upgrades as well as make a whole lot of easy nanites.




Suspicious Packet Loot Tables

5 thoughts on “All X-Class Upgrades Compared to S-Class in No Man’s Sky”

  1. How certain are you on the Exosuit Shield Strength numbers? I’ve gotten a 92% and 93% boost out of a C-Class module, with the 33% Core Health boost in each.

  2. Xaine, thanks for all this work, really appreciate it. I received a X-class life support mod with no stats. Never seen or heard of this before, so no idea if it gives a secret buff or just a wanted slot. It says “UPGRADE_0_STAT_ILLEGAL_DESC.” I have a photo of it too, lmk if/where to send it.
    Thanks again!

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