So, what is Xaine's World all about?

Well, my name is Michael, though around here I'm known as Xaine.

I'm a gaming Youtuber who looks at the data side of things, to find the best ways to do many things at a very base level allowing people to take understanding from that and add their own preferences and style.

Everything is quantifiable, mathematics is a language we came up with to explain everything around us and on a smaller scale, you can apply this to everyday life.

Video Games all work off code, at its base, like life, it has very simple beginnings which put together the correct way creates anything you may desire, a creation of pure logic built from emotion... what better way is there to Parody the universe that is Emotion built from Logic.

This is why I like video games and why I strive to understand them.

I also love creating things myself, that's where the videos come in.

I have an eccentric & eclectic mind, "Zany" if you will, so I have no need to play things up and can just be myself, extend my thoughts and interests to the world and see what happens.

I see no end to my scope of ideas, gaming is just one aspect, more is coming.